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May 2004: Time for Agrobalt. Again. 13 years of success in succession.

On 4 February 2004 Jeronimas Kraujelis, the Lithuanian Minister of Agriculture, and Rita Hopfner, Director of a German-based company IFWexpo organising the exhibition AgroBalt, signed the Agreement of Cooperation in organising the 13th International Trade Fair for Agriculture, Food Stuff and Packaging Industry. The Minister has emphasized that the exhibition is to be held on 6-9 May, when Lithuania is expected to be a full-fledged member of the EU. Thus, exhibition is going to represent agriculture and food industry of the already bigger EU. The exhibition of such a scale and importance is the only one in the Baltic States, therefore it should get more attention than ever.

The motto of the exhibition AgroBalt 2004 is “Trade without borders”. AgroBalt 2004 invites Lithuanian agricultural and foodstuff companies both looking for new trade partners and having something new to offer for consumer market.

Rita Hopfner, Director of a German-based company IFWexpo, thinks that for a modern consumer it is not enough just to see the products on the shelves in the stores. Consumers need vis-ą-vis communication with producers and possibility to hear directly from them about the ingredients and quality of products. AgroBalt provides an excellent opportunity to establish a trademark or brand name in the domestic market, which with removed borders becomes even more important for marketing and selling products, attracting and sustaining consumers and forming their tastes and likings. Rita Hopfner, Director of a German-based company IFWexpo, has noticed that most of Lithuania-based meat processing companies have already realized the importance of the momentum and have registered for the AgroBalt 2004. Jeronimas Kraujelis, the Lithuanian Minister of Agriculture, has also emphasized the importance of personal contacts and direct selling for those willing to strengthen their positions in the market. He has reminded the success story of a small private company “Saimeta” owned by Vita Stankevičienė, who has started with direct selling of bread and now sells bread and bread products not only in Lithuania but also in Berlin and elsewhere.

Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus plan to have their national stands in AgroBalt 2004. The exhibition is also going to present the producers and products from Hungary, Denmark and some federal lands of Germany. The exhibition is not limited to presentation of products and producers only. It has already become a tradition of AgroBalt to host conferences, seminars and trainings by local and foreign experts and AgroBalt 2004 is not an exception.

The organizers of the exhibition have carried out a public opinion poll and have improved the concept of AgroBalt in order to better meet the needs of both professional visitors and public at large. To this end the oncoming exhibition is going to last during the weekend and to offer both traditional and new events. The visitors of the exhibition will be able to refresh in the Lithuanian Beer Pavilion, to walk around livestock exposition, to sample products by local and foreign producers, to hear lectures about healthy nutrition, to try their luck in lotteries and competitions. The organizers have also thought about the youngest visitors of the exhibition and are going to construct a playground for children.

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1. This year “AgroBalt” is not only production, but also fun
1. This year “AgroBalt” is not only production, but also fun