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Astrology - Celestial phenomena, and terrestrial incidents - by E K Dhilip Kumar

Exploring thyself has always been afascinating subject to mankind, and Astrology is one such science that analysesyour past, defines your present and predicts your future.

For some it's just a pass time, for some itis a serious science and for some it is just a mode of revenue. Whatever be theperception, Astrology is undoubtedly the only science that predicts human lifepattern, depending upon the faraway heavenly bodies.

Astrology is divided into three majorparts:

1. Jataka- The study of Horoscope based on date, time and place of birth.

2. Prasna- The study of the Horoscope based on the time of the question asked to theastrologer.

3. Muhurta- The study of advantageous moments based on Panchanga, chosen for specificpurpose


This is the study of the diagrammaticrepresentation of the positions of the planets depending upon your time, dateand place of birth. This chart, normally referred to as natal chart orhoroscope or Janma Patri or Kundli or Jatakam, studies the possibilities ofimportant events in an individual’s life.

Success and failure are part and parcel oflife, and Astrology tries to predict the pitfalls for the failure and providespossible methods to overcome it.

There are 2 timing techniques to studythis.

Dasa - Bhukti - planetary periods and subperiods for 120 years

Gochar effects - effects of Planets as theykeep moving - Transit


Fear of failure haunts all our newendeavours. Before taking the mighty leap, you can always refer to anAstrologer who can give you an idea about the planetary positions that canboost your confidence and enhance your vitality.

In this method, the astrologer comparesyour planetary positions to the period at which you have put up the question.

Muhurta:electional astrology - A job well begun is halfdone.

This is about choosing a favourable time tostart or commence an important event of your life. This may include yourmarriage, starting a new business or deals involving huge investments.

For example - Your painting would bespoiled soon, if you have painted it when the weather was not conducive. Hence,the time of commencement of any job holds significance.

At the subtle levels, the positions ofplanets at certain positions, will give you edge to complete the task moreeasily.

This branch of the astrology involves thePanchanga - which means panch (5), and anga (limbs).

The 5 main divisions of time as per thisbranch are:

1. Weekdays (Sunday, Monday…)

2. Nakshatra (Star) (approx 24 hours)

3. Thithi (approx 24 hours)

4. Yoga (approx 24 hours)

5. Karana (approx 12 hours)

Certain activities throw up best resultswhen commenced on certain weekdays, star, tithi and karana.

The believer first states the type ofactivity he plans to start. Then within a particular range of dates, herequests the astrologer to give an auspicious date. The star ruling on thefinal selected date(s) should not only be auspicious as per Muhurta rules, butalso match the specific person.

For example - a particular day may be good,but the star ruling on that day may not favour the concerned person.

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