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Astrology’s past, present and future

Astrology is not a movie unfolding your past, presentand future with all its details, colours and sound effects. No, it is not evena predictive science that hands over your key to success. It is just a scienceof probabilities, within certain limited possibilities.

The study is similar to statistics. The predictionscan or more precisely might happen if the person assists the event to takeplace. He cannot just sit in his closed house and expect things to happen on itsown accord.

Astrology can only show you the road tosuccess, and warn you about your accident zone. Now, making use of the acquiredinformation and converting it into a success study or a pile of failuresdepends completely upon your individual effort.

Sages, Seers, Maharishis, Mathematicians,Astronomers, Astrologers, Scientists and other great personalities have usedIndian astrology or "Jyotisha" – as the science of light sinceancient times to guide millions of troubled souls. And of course, the quacksare also in it. The science of real astrology as practised in India is muchmore complex and intricate, when compared to the fun we have with Sun Signs.

Sage Garga had said that astrology was propounded byGod Himself, and that Lord Brahma had handed down this sacred knowledge toother earlier masters. From then on, it was passed on from Masters to thestudents in the educational system called Gurukula - where the master spokedirectly to his students. In this way, it has reached the present practitionersof astrology.

In the West, it is believed that Astrologer Seth(around 3600 AD) was the world's first astrologer. The westerners claimed thataround 2600 years ago the priest and the shepherds of Chaldea not only tookseriously to the study of astrology but also developed it further, by relatingthe movements of the planets to the event's in the life of an individual.Sumerians, Babylonians and the Egyptians made further contributions. In theclassical books of Indian astrology, we find foreigners being mentioned bygreat writers like Maharshi Parasara, Shri Varaha Mihira. In all, suchinstances the word "Yavanas" had been used to denote the writers andcontributors of foreign origin. This clearly establishes that even around theMahabharata times astrology was simultaneously used and developed by manynations.

It would do well to the cause of astrology to avoiduseless and unnecessary debates relating to the origin of astrology but insteadbring together the contributions of great masters of astrology from variousnations together.

Astrology is rightly called the eye of the Vedas. Theword Veda means knowledge and has perhaps nothing to do with a particularreligion. The right knowledge is for everyone. The science of astrology wasmainly intended to create an awareness of the stars and their influence on us,on the comparatively tiny earth on which we exists as tiny dots in theUniverse. To have belief that there is an external force, which governs us isin itself a great knowledge instead of believing that everything is possiblejust by mere effort.

Indian Astrology has been used from the time ofancient civilisation of India until now. At present Hindus, Buddhists, Jains,Sikhs are regular users of it. Some sections in Persia, Afghanistan, andCentral Asia, in Tibet, Sri Lanka and Burma also use it. It had spread fromIndia into China, the Middle East, to Egypt and to Babylon. So, it may be amistake to refer Astrology as Hindu Astrology. It is surely not bound by anyparticular faith or nation, though it may have originated in India, it can beused by anyone. The language of the planets is for all and beyond Earth. Howcan it be bound to one faith or one nation?

Proof that horoscopes were used by othercivilisations in the world can be had from the British Museum, where a Greekhoroscope written in Papyrus, about 2000 years ago is been displayed. TheSaracens spread the science of astrology in Spain in 711 AD and the NorthAfricans carried the signs to Europe. Dr Brewster admits that in China about2752 BC from the days of King Foli, they developed astronomy solely for thepurpose of studying astrology and the emperors were chosen based on the adviceof astrologers. The Pharaohs of Egypt used astrology regularly, and the bestastrologer in those times was Babilus. Astrologers were also often asked tointerpret the dreams of the pharaohs. The monuments in Egypt show inscriptionsof astrology and astronomy.

Referring to Rig Veda, it can be said without doubtthat Astrology was practised even before 6000 B.C. From that time onwards therehas been a continuous development in astrology, though for the last 500 yearsthe pace has slowed down due to perhaps the foreign invasions and influence ofother cultures. Now the stage is perfectly set for a major comeback of Indianastrology as more and more people have started to understand and use astrologyin the right perspective. The science of astrology is today able to answer manyof the questions and problems faced by people, which is not possible even bystudying medicine or other applied science.

Lankomumo reitingas

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