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Microsoft blog service sparks censorship dodging
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Boing Boing, a popular blog, reported on Friday morning that MSN Spaces, MS new blogging service, is rejecting certain blog titles or URLs because they contain words that Microsoft has deemed inappropriate. However, like so many censorship tools down the ages, Microsoft's is proving less than perfect. All of the most obvious and emotive profanities - think words beginning with "f" and "c" for starters - fell foul of Microsoft's electronic sentries. But the fun started when blogs with potentially...

 Graeme Wearden
Lithuanian president faces impeachment
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Following a parliamentary inquiry into allegations of fraud against Lithuanian President Rolandas Paksas, the country’s parliament has moved to impeach him. On 2003 December 1 the parliamentary commission investigating alleged links between the president and several of his advisors to organised crime issued a statement calling Paksas a “threat to national security”. Paksas and his entourage have been accused of associating with Russian-based mobsters and of being influenced by a Russian public relations firm with close links to the Federal Security Service, the successor to the KGB. Since his surprise election in January 2003, many of Paksas’ political opponents had...

Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Protection
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I am honoured and delighted to be asked to address you today on a matter of critical. importance to law enforcement m a great many developing as well as developed economies, namely, the interface between society's interest in the combating of corruption and, the competing social interest in the protection of human rights and civil Liberties. Coming as I do from Hong Kong, I shall focus on our experience in this fast-growing field, namely, how to maintain a clean government as well as probity of commercial and other. conduct in tile private sector with the legitimate aims of a civil...