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Gaming Guide
Gambling is a sport. A few people play as professionals, making a decent living at it. But for most, gambling is a form of recreation to be enjoyed. And like any other sport, there are scores of books, periodicals, and video tapes touting the latest insights to better your game. One of the best sources for information on current trends, new how-to books, even historical perspectives on gaming and tales of the gambling glories is the Gambler's Book Club located in Las Vegas. This bookstore has over 3,000 titles offering a full range of in-depth literature for both the beginner and the professional. Books can be ordered over the phone.

Another source worth looking into is the growing number of Internet websites or "home pages" relating to the gaming industry. (See the sidebar for addresses to some of the better online sources.) If you are new to gambling as a sport, one quick way to pick up the jargon, terminology, and tricks of the trade is to log on to one of the gaming newsgroups. There are often FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sections at the beginning to help guide "newbies" through the protocol or "netiquette." Once comfortable with the forum in which these newsgroups are held, ask questions or bring up topics for discussion. You'll have a nation of pros at your fingertips. Many also use the Internet to network with others about possible job openings. The potential contacts this medium offers grow almost daily as more and more people go online with email addresses.

This section touches on some of the particulars involving game play and wagering. It's designed to give aspiring casino workers a brief overview of the culture, terminology, and general philosophy of the industry. Those who are unfamiliar with how the casino games are played will want to read over the elementary lessons we've included. As we've heard often in this business, with a little practice "the games are easy to learn." So don't be intimidated by what you don't know. Instead, focus on the fact that with a winning attitude and a small amount of training, you can master almost any job on the casino floor.

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1. History of Las Vegas
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4. Game Descriptions: Poker
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1. History of Las Vegas
2. Game Descriptions: Pai gow
3. Indian Gaming Casino Jobs
4. Game Descriptions: Keno
5. Game Descriptions: Roulette
6. Game Descriptions: Blackjack
7. Game Descriptions: Poker
8. Game Descriptions: Craps
9. Game Descriptions: Baccarat