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Attal Update
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The Attal: Lords of Doom site has been updated with a to-do-list for the next major version of this open-sourced fantasy-flavored strategy game for Windows and Linux. The next major revision to the game, 0.7.x, is tentatively scheduled for release sometime in June of this year.

FS Design Studio 2.11 Released
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Abacus Publishing has released FS Design Studio Version 2.11, a major upgrade to its aircraft design tools for use with the Microsoft Flight Simulator series of games. Developed by Louis Sinclair, FS Design Studio Version 2.11 adds a bunch of new tools to this suite of design tools making it easier to develop and implement aircraft content for FS. Features include built-in animation, multi-resolution models, texture and material handling, a 3D preview and native FS2002 and CFS2 MDL format.

Crystal Space 0.92r002
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Crystal Space Windows, Mac and Linux 0.92r002 executables have been released, for those interested in this popular free (LGPL) and portable 3D Game Development Kit written in C++. Details and downloads can be found at the official site as well as the latest source code.

Lineage Developer Q&A
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NCsoft has updated the official site for Lineage: The Blood Pledge with the latest Developer Q&A - answered this time out by Web and Multimedia Developer, Seth Scoville. Seth answers questions submitted via the forums and feedback related to NCsoft's popular online role-playing game.

Interplay Gets Puzzled
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If you're into jigsaw puzzles then you may want to head over to to check out some new themed puzzles featuring a number of Interplay's upcoming game properties including Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward, Lionheart, Run Like Hell and Galleon The puzzles offer 15 images to scramble and a choice of between 46 and 240 pieces.

GalCiv Beta 5 Shots
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Stardock Systems has updated the official site for Galactic Civilizations site with a handful of Beta 5 screenshots a detailed report explaining what each screenshot reveals. GalCiv is scheduled for release later next month and will be published by Strategy First in the US.

Hostile Space Update
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InterAdventure has once again updated both the client and server side of its online space adventure game, Hostile Space with a few new fixes, additions and adjustments. Changes include the removal of the crew stat from the beginning of the game, the Gi'Pok race gets hull points as a racial bonus, reduced power usage on first weapon slot, /reset command added and more recovery tweaks.

Help Wanted: Primal Software
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Moscow, Russia-based developer Primal Software announced that it is looking to bring in new talent to work on several new game projects. Primal is looking for an artist, animator, programmer, high-poly modeller (freelance) and a texture artist. All positions require relocation to Moscow. Primal is currently working on a real-time 3D strategy game for the PC called Besieger.

Helbreath USA 2.20 Details
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iEntertainment says that a new version of Helbreath USA is in the works - hot on the heels of the game going "pay-to-play" recently. Ned additions to this online role-playing game include the addition of the Farming skill, new potions using the Alchemy skills and crops, a new map (Icebound), the ability to teleport, and new items and weapons like the Demon Slayer, Giant-Battle Hammer, and the Necklace of Liche.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Update
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The official site for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (a survival action/RPG for the PC from GSC Game World) has been updated with some new articles on the game concept and gameplay along with some complimentary concept art. Check it out. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is scheduled for release in November.