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Atlus Game Guides
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Atlus has launched a brand new section on its official site offering FAQs & Game Guides for many of its PSOne and PlayStation 2 (and one for Cubivores for GameCube) games in PDF format including Tsugunai, Wizardry, SkyGunner, Dual Hearts, Hoshigami, Persona 2, Rhapsody, Thousand Arms, Tactics Ogre, Ogre Battle and many more.

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Neocron Naked Patch
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Reakktor announced that it has released an "unsupported patch" for Neocron (in other words if it fries your PC, your installed version of Neocron or your brain, then they won't take responsibility) that adds nudity to the US version of the game (basically what the European version already offers) in the red light district known as Pepper Park. After the patch players will see strippers "nude" in that area of the game. You can learn more about the patch and jump in on an ongoing discussion about the pros and cons of this topic by hitting this link. You can...

Legacy of Ykesha Update
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As pointed out on PlanetEQ, the official Web site for Legacy of Ykesha, the upcoming EQ expansion, has been updated. There's now an article on how the new Charm items work.

Today on GameSpy: Lord British!
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Today GameSpy offers an excellent interview with Richard Garriott, the mastermind behind Ultima, perhaps the most beloved PC role-playing game franchise ever. Richard talks about his past hardships while working under EA, his decision to join up with NCsoft, his new game and an interesting explanation of what happened to Ultima VIII & IX - for the record I thought Ultima VIII got a bad rap. Ultima IX on the other hand.. Also on GameSpy this morning are two previews you won't want to miss - Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II (Xbox) and Zone of the Enders: The...

Prima Games Largest Strategy Guide Publisher
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Random House's publishing division of video and computer game strategy guides, Prima Games, retained its number one position last year. Prima Games has been the largest publisher of strategy guides since 1999, according to the NDP Group. Top-selling guides in 2002 were those for The Sims, Hitman 2, Medal of Honor, and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

Rise of Nations Beta Contest
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Strategy gamers will be ecstatic over Microsoft Game Studios' plan to release one thousand Rise of Nations beta copies. Fans can sign up at the official Website to participate in the Preview Beta Contest starting Friday, February 14. Winners will automatically enter the official beta test. The beta version will contain 10 playable nations, three tutorials, and the "Conquer the World" campaign. Rise of Nations is in development with Big Huge Games. The real-time strategy title ships in the US on April 22 and in Europe on May 2.

Sony Pictures Digital Titles Go Wireless
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Sony Pictures Digital will develop games based on Sony Pictures Entertainment's films for QUALCOMM's BREW platform. Wheel of Fortune and JEOPARDY! are currently available, while XXX, Q*Bert, Pyramid, and Stuart Little 2 should go live soon.

Massive Comments on GeForce FX
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Massive Development will attend Nvidia's forthcoming European Developer Gathering. JoWood Production's in-house development studio will present its results of working with the GeForce FX during the two-day "Dawn to Dusk" conference that starts in London tomorrow. The company has experience working with the video card and DirectX 9 since both will be supported by the upcoming AquaNox 2: Revelation.

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Babel Media Tests Vodafone Live! Titles
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Babel Media will be testing games for Vodafone live!. Since October 2002 the company has been testing more than one hundred games. Vodafone has appointed Babel to implement "rigorous quality standards to ensure consistently high quality gameplay, usability and compatibility."

ARUSH to Unleash Emergency 2
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Real-time strategy title Emergency 2 will hit North American stores in March, ARUSH Entertainment announced. The game revolves around various emergency services and the situations they have to cope with. In 25 missions, gamers have access to nearly 50 units, including K9, Special Forces, firefighting planes, and psyschologists.