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The Eye Opener
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Microsoft has launched its Xbox Platinum Hits Program this morning, unleashing twelve new Xbox games for $19.95 each. A good deal for anyone that hasn't already purchased these titles yet. Hit the link for details on that EA is expected to announce the retail release of Generals today and Age of Shadows should be unleashed shortly as well. Stay tuned and keep your ear to the rail for the latest and greatest new right here at GameSpyDaily.

Earth and Beyond Update
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The latest Glimpse Inside has been posted on the official Web site of Earth and Beyond, EA's space-faring MMORPG. This one looks at an upcoming feature, Push Missions. To find out about this new and upcoming feature in E&B, check the article out.

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Turbine has posted a new article discussing the work that goes into making monster animations in Asheron's Call 2, their recently-released MMORPG. AC2HQ also posts the news that the date for the next AC2 patch has been changed to February 18, as can be read in the latest State of the Network article.

MS Launches Historical Flight Sim
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Microsoft Game Studios plans to release a special edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator this July, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the invention of powered flight. MFS: A Century of Flight includes 9 historic aircrafts -- such as Charles Lindbergh's Ryn NYP "Spirit of St. Louis, the Douglas DC-3, and the Wright Flyer -- and 15 modern aircrafts, including the Boeing 777 and the Robinson R222 helicopter. After the game's launch Microsoft will team up with the Experimental Aviation Association and organize a year-long celebration, "Countdown to Kitty Hawk." A touring pavilion will land in cities throughout the nation, housing a...

PRIDE FC Slams in Stores
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Anchor of Japan's PlayStation 2 fighting simulator PRIDE FC has hit stores nationwide. The game sports twenty fighters, each specialized in martial arts such as karate, jujitsu, and kickboxing. Publisher THQ closely collaborated with the PRIDE Fighting Championships on this title.

Nintendo Raids China in January: 300,000 Products Seized
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Nintendo stated that Chinese officials in January seized more than three hundred thousand counterfeit products during three raids executed in the Guangdong province, notorious for pirating activities. Unable to value the netted goods, a Nintendo spokeswoman explained forgery cost the company roughly $649 million last year. "The products seized range from components to the completed game software products," she said. "In 2002, we certainly seized many millions of dollars worth of counterfeit Game Boy software in China."

Blockbuster The Sims Turns Three
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Electronic Arts' The Sims franchise has shipped more than 24 million units since it launched three years ago. This figure includes the various platform versions, 5 expansion packs, and translated versions into 17 languages. The company revealed that 60 percent of The Sims players are female, teens mostly. The PC version has been the number one best-selling PC game in 2000, 2001, and 2002. Together with its expansion pack, the game held five of the top ten spots on the 2002 best-selling PC games in North America chart.

Driver Film Scheduled for Summer 2004
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Impact Pictures has acquired the film and television rights to Infogrames Driver franchise. Production of the film, which is based upon the games Driver and Driver 2, will be spearheaded by Jeremy Bolt and Paul Anderson. Constantin Film's Robert Kulzer, executive producer of the Resident Evil feature film, will also work in production and might even direct the theatrical adaptation, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The script is being written by James Demonaco, Todd Jason Harthan, and James Roday. The film's release is scheduled to coincide with the launch Driver 3 on the GameCube, PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox in...

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VEXX Ships
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Acclaim Entertainment has released its action title VEXX for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. Assuming the role of protagonist VEXX, players are to complete a heroic quest to confront the murderer of his grandfather, Dark Yabu, and to free his people. The game includes nine worlds between which travel is arranged by a central hub system. Uneven surfaces in the various environments can be overcome in a special "free climbing" mode.

Pre-Order Package Promotes Pokemon Titles
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North American gamers pre-ordering Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire for the Game Boy Advance will receive a limited edition, holographic Pokemon collector's coin with their games (while supplies last). Nintendo of America hopes to entice customers into buying the titles that have proven to be exceptionally successful in Japan, where the company sold nearly four million units within the first six weeks at retail. The new Pokemon games include more than one hundred new Pokemon characters. Playing as either a boy or girl, gamers can battle with two Pokemon simultaneously. Both titles launch on March 17.

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