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Intec Accessories Chip in GBA SP Launch
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Intec said to release accessories for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance-SP upon the platform's launch. The line-up includes carrying cases, charger kits, sound systems, magnifiers, and link cables. For details on the products hit Intec's Website.

Comanche Hokum Source Released
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Razorworks has released the source code to Comanche Hokum for those folks interested in tinkering with this helicopter attack simulation game for the PC. You can grab the source code from Razorworks directly (6.5 MB). Further details about all of Razorworks' games can be found here:

UO: Age of Shadows Preparation
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In preparation for the launch of Ultima Online: Age of Shadows, Origin offers some lengthy details on how to redeem the free pre-order in-game items when the time comes that they are available and offers a complete list of the changes that AoS will bring to the game. The changes are numerous and wide reaching, touching everything from skills and fighting mechanics to the values of armor and weapons. Current Ultima Online players will definitely want to check out these design notes, lest they get a surprise the next time they log on and play.

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Time of Defiance Skirmish Servers
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Nicely Crafted Entertainment plans to launch a Time of Defiance Skirmish Server on Friday that will give players of this online strategy space game faster and more focused gameplay sessions. Skirmish games will be shorter than the regular vanilla flavor of ToD, taking only about two weeks to complete (versus 21 to 28 days on the other servers). Details on the new Skirmish Mode (available only to paying customers) can be found here:

Soul Ride Engine Open-Sourced
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Slingshot Game Technology announced that the Soul Ride Game Engine source code has gone open-source (under the GNU General Public License) and is available freely from Source Forge. Soul Ride is a snowboarding game for the PC. Slingshot says that while the engine is open-sourced, the actual game is not and must still be purchased. Details about what isn't included in the source code can be found here -

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DAoC Bits
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Mythic Entertainment offers a couple of updates at The Camelot Herald detailing the Quest Contest finalists (entries can be read at the site), and offer some spiffy new Dark Age of Camelot Herald desktop wallpapers. Head on over and check it all out. Winners in the Quest Contest will be announced later this week.

Ultimate Stunts 0.3.0
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A new version of Ultimate Stunts has been released today, bringing this open-sourced racing game (based on the DOS classic, Stunts) for the PC to version 0.3.0. Not too many changes in this version that players will notice, but lots of changes to the functionality of the source code.

3DMark03 on FilePlanet
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FilePlanet is now mirroring 3DMark03, the latest version of the hardware benchmarking suite of tools from Future Mark. The latest version combines full DirectX 9.0 support with new tests and graphics. You can grab it from FilePlanet. 3DMark03 weighs in at around 177 MB.

Ghost Recon for GameCube Ships
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The GameCube version of Ubi Soft Entertainment's squad-based action game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon has shipped and will infiltrate stores shortly. A short recap of the story: the year is 2008 and a war rages on the borders of Russia. You are part of an elite squad of Green Berets sent out to clear the way for a NATO peace-keeping force. Extensive details on the official Website -

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Ships
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Vivendi Universal Games has shipped NASCAR Racing 2003 Season to retail outlets around the US today. Developed by Papyrus Racing Games and published by Sierra Entertainment, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season marks the last title from Papyrus to be published by Sierra. The latest game in the popular racing series offers new 3D graphics, an improved physics model new driving aids and the inclusion of 2003 NASCAR Cup series teams, sponsors, and tracks. Further details can be found in press release.