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Boy sues mom who refuses to buy him a PC

We used a lot of ploys to try and get our parents to buy us stuff when we were younger (you don’t even want to know what we did to score an original Nintendo Entertainment System), but an 11-year-old in central China has raised the bar for gadget-hungry kids everywhere by suing his mother after she backed out of an agreement to buy him a computer if he got good enough grades.

According to the China Daily, the mother told her son that if he ate all his greens and scored average marks of more than 94 per cent for his school work, she would buy him a computer.

However, when the kid did so well that he managed to get this grade, she told him that she couldn't afford it.

Unfortunately, the boy, from Xingzheng, Henan province, had also been helping his parents run their business and knew a thing or two about hiring briefs when people welch on deals

It actually got as far as a courtroom, but the judge hearing the case was able to work things out between them, though there’s no mention of whether or not the kid ever got his computer.

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