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Free Software Profile: PHP
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PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. Like Microsoft's ASP technology, it is designed to be processed on the server side and produce dynamic Web pages. PHP3 is the third version of the interpreter initially developed by Rasmus Lerdorf. It was originally destined to bring dynamic scripting functionality to personal HTML Web pages, which explains why it was christened Personal Home Page. For the second version of PHP, its engine was rewritten so that HTML form management functionality could be added, and its name became PHP/Form Interpreter (PHP/FI) to reflect this change. The arrival of PHP3 coincided with the rise of...

 Christophe Lauer
PHP and ASP.NET Go Head-to-Head
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The latest incarnation of ASP, ASP.NET, is not completely backward-compatible with previous versions of ASP, as it is a complete rewrite of the software. Previous ASP technology actually has a lot more in common with PHP than with ASP.NET, which is a complete framework for building Web applications. One of the principal features of this model is the flexibility to choose your programming language. ASP.NET works with scripted languages such as VBScript, JScript, Perlscript, and Python, as well as compiled languages such as VB, C#, C, Cobol, Smalltalk, and Lisp. The new framework uses the common language runtime (CLR); your...

 Sean Hull
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Active Server Pages (ASP) is Microsoft's scripting technology for displaying dynamic web pages, ASP programmes mostly use VBScript, JScript. PHP on the other hand PHP is the open source alternative to ASP that runs on multiple operating systems, incuding Linux, Windows solaris and other OS. Speed PHP is relatively much more faster and stable than ASP, ASP is built on a COM-based architecture so when ever a program tries to connect to a database or he calls a COM object there is an overhead on the server, All this COM overhead adds up and slows things down. Under PHP, everything...

Bill Gates and other communists
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When CNET asked Bill Gates about software patents, he shifted the subject to "intellectual property," blurring the issue with various other laws. Then he said anyone who won't give blanket support to all these laws is a communist. Since I'm not a communist but I have criticized software patents, I got to thinking this might be aimed at me. When someone uses the term "intellectual property," typically he's either confused himself, or trying to confuse you.

 Richard Stallman
IBM ThinkPad T43: a first look
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Now that Intel has taken the wraps off its revamped Centrino platform, codenamed Sonoma, notebook manufacturers are releasing details of new models incorporating the upgraded Pentium M processor, 915 chipset and PRO/Wireless 2195ABG wireless module. Among the most interesting for business users will be IBM's forthcoming ThinkPad T43, which promises to carry on where the successful (Editors' Choice-winning) ThinkPad T42 left off. The 2kg ThinkPad T43 is powered by the latest Pentium M processor with a 533MHz frontside bus, while the accompanying 915 chipset handles up to 2GB of DDR2 memory and provides support for forthcoming ExpressCard (PCI Express) options....

 Charles McLellan
IBM ThinkPad T42 with biometric security
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IBM's thin-and-light ThinkPad T42, is a 'Dothan' Pentium M-based update to the popular ThinkPad T41. The T42 is almost as fast as the best-performing Dothan we've tested, the Dell Latitude D800. Battery life for the ThinkPad T42 was also good, although it's by no means the best we've tested in this regard. But with a reasonable £1,280 (ex. VAT) price tag in its base configuration, the ThinkPad T42 represents good value among notebooks equipped with Intel's latest Pentium M processor. For a notebook offering the latest in processor technology, the ThinkPad T42 is strikingly modest in its design (which is...

 Xiao Ming Wu & Charles McLellan
IBM ThinkPad X40
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The sad truth about small notebooks is that shaving off size and weight typically means sacrificing performance and features. The IBM ThinkPad X40 is an exception. At a mere 1.24kg -- IBM's smallest laptop ever -- it combines true ultralight portability with all the right expansion, connectivity and battery options for the business traveller. It's much sleeker than IBM's other ultraportable, the ThinkPad X31. The ThinkPad X40 lacks an integrated optical drive, but its powered USB port makes it easy to add one, or you could add one via the media slice. Unfortunately, the X40 doesn't include a FireWire port....

 Xiao Ming Wu & Charles McLellan
IBM beefs up security on ThinkPad T42
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IBM's business workhorse notebook gets a fingerprint reader and an upgraded suite of security tools. We take a first look. IBM's 'thin-and-light' ThinkPad T42 already offers one of the most complete security solutions available on a notebook. However, this has now been boosted with the addition of on-the-fly hard disk encryption, upgrades to the ThinkVantage Technologies suite, and an integrated fingerprint sensor. Last week we had a sneak preview of IBM's new biometric ThinkPad, which will be available from 19 October, starting at £1,300 (ex. VAT). New to the ThinkPad T42's software bundle is SafeGuard Easy, from partner Utimaco Safeware,...

 Charles McLellan
Sony VAIO B1 Series: a first look
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Sony's new VAIO B1 series turns the company's attention firmly to business buyers. With a thin-and-light design derived from the VAIO Z line, the B1 series offers standard fare: 14.1in. screens, mobile processors, optical drives and up to 60GB of hard drive capacity. Spec for spec, the VAIO B1 series challenges the likes of Dell's Latitude D400 and IBM's ThinkPad T42. Sony's thin-and-light design will appeal to business users who live on the road, as it provides most of the comforts of a desktop PC in a 2.3kg package. Measuring 4.3cm thick at the hinge, 32.1cm wide and 25.5cm deep,...

 Brian Nadel
Acer Aspire 1714SMi
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Acer Aspire 1714SMi as a notebook possessed by a desktop. In other words, expect brute-force performance but don't plan on jumping hurdles at airports with it tucked under your arm, or taking it away from a power plug for long. This notebook is big, powerful and heavy, but its high-end components do help to future-proof it. Whereas a low-end notebook can quickly become outdated, the power under the 1714SMi's surface will help you keep up with Microsoft's upgrade curve. We think the 1714SMi strikes one of the best price-performance balances of any desktop replacement. At a whopping 7.1kg, the Aspire...

 Xiao Ming Wu