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AMD joins transistor trend
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Advanced Micro Devices has created new high-performance transistors in its labs based on the simple concept that sometimes two are better than one. The chipmaker said Tuesday it has manufactured in its labs a new kind of transistor with two pathways, or gates, for electricity - instead of one. The new transistor design can double the amount of electricity that flows through a transistor, similar to the way that adding extra lanes can increase the capacity of a highway. AMD...

 John G. Spooner
Attacking Apache with builtin Modules in Multihomed Environments
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This paper will show a simple way to modify the memory layout from an Apache [1] process. Most Webhosting Providers use PHP [2], Mod_perl [3] as builtin Apache module to improve the web server performance. This method is of course much faster than loading external programs or extensions (i.e. running php in cgi mode). But on the other side this script runs in the same memory space as the apache process so you can easily change contents of memory. There's one reason why all this stuff...

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IBM bakes new 3D circuit design
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IBM says building better microchips is kind of like baking a cake. Researchers at Big Blue have devised a new 3D circuit design that uses two or more layers of transistors, the basic building blocks of a chip, stacked in the same way a baker would create a multilayered cake. The 3D design "adds second or multiple...layers on top of what's already there," said Kathryn Guarini, IBM's lead researcher on the project. So "instead of a single layer of transistors,...

 John G. Spooner
Greatest security risk: Social engineering, says Gartner
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Old-fashioned techniques for conning people are being applied to new technology in order to break into networks and computers, warns the analyst firm. The greatest security risk facing large companies and individual Internet users over the next 10 years will be the increasingly sophisticated use of social engineering to bypass IT security defences, according to analyst firm Gartner. Gartner defines social engineering as "the manipulation of people, rather than machines, to successfully breach the security systems of an enterprise or...

Opera 7.60 set to offer faster browsing
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The next version of the Opera browser will be integrated with SlipStream's Web and email acceleration technology, Opera Software said on Thursday. The company claimed that Opera 7.60, which is due at the end of 2004, will enable ISPs to offer up to six times faster browsing on dial-up and wireless connections. SlipStream's technology works by compressing and streamlining Web content and emails to speed-up access over a network. Michelle Valdivia, a marketing manager for Opera, told ZDNet UK...

 Ingrid Marson
Hacker Psych
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Who are hackers, and what makes them tick? Two experts in the field of cyber forensics and psychology have some answers to that question. One is Marc Rogers, a behavioral sciences researcher at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada, and a former cyber detective. The other is Jerrold M. Post, a psychiatrist at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Rogers and Post have identified some basic behavioral trends for hackers who commit crimes. Rogers says one characteristic is that...

 Jeremy Quittner
No Software Patents!
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Under the influence of the patent system and big industry lobbyists, the European Union is on the verge of making a huge mistake: to pass a law that would legalize software patents. If that happens, you will pay dearly. Europe's software industry will fall victim to unscrupulous extortioners. A cartel of large corporations will crush smaller competitors. Consequently, we will all pay more money for less good and less secure software. You personally, your household, your company, your government, all...

Macromedia to Flex new Flash server muscles
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This week Macromedia will announce a new version of Flex, its server-side software that was designed to increase the uptake of the Flash format for web graphics and interfaces. Macromedia is set to announce an update on Monday to Flex, the company's server software for adding interfaces to Web applications. Version 1.5 of Flex, set for release in November, will include an expanded menu of components for creating custom interfaces and new tools for turning corporate data into dynamic charts...

 David Becker
Linux kernel flaw allows DoS attack
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A bug in version 2.6 of the Linux kernel allows remote users to crash systems running SuSE's latest enterprise and consumer software. Linux distributor Novell SuSE released a security advisory with a severity rating of nine out of 10 last week warning of a flaw in Linux kernel 2.6.. The bug affects the company's enterprise and consumer products-- SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and SuSE Linux Professional 9.1. Roman Drahtmueller, head of Linux security at SuSE Linux, said this version...

 Ingrid Marson
Super-powered peer to peer
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StreamCast Networks on Wednesday plans to release an updated version of its Morpheus file-swapping software, showcasing new search technology that could dramatically strengthen peer-to-peer networks. Morpheus developers are looking to recapture their onetime leading role in the file-trading world with a network technology called Neonet, written by a pair of former Harvard students. Dubbed "distributed hash tables," Neonet's technology transforms the way that searches happen on peer-to-peer networks, potentially making it more efficient to search a much larger number of computers and more easily surface rare files. Similar technology is also used by eDonkey, a competitor that is on the...

 John Borland