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Effective Search Engine Optimization
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Search engine optimization is crucial for anyone who wants people to visit his or her Web site. You can place as many ads as you like, but most people are still going to find your site because of its listings in search engines or directories. Search engine optimization is the process of making web pages attractive to search engines. In my work, I visit hundreds of web sites every month. Sadly, many of them are throwing traffic away; they look fine to the viewer, but ignore the basics of effective search engine optimization. It's a fact that most people who...

31 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Business Web Site
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Build a strong, solid business foundation. Design a business plan, marketing plan, ideal client profile and 30-second elevator speech. Be consistent and “brand” your company. Use the same colors, logo, motto, etc. everywhere on your business web site! Make your business web site trustable. Create policies that build trust: customer service, code of ethics and newsletter privacy policy. Ask your web master to name each of your pages using a keyword you have supplied them with. Offer added values on your business web site that make sense to your business and ideal client. This can include affiliate programs, books, and...

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Shopability: Exceeding Customers' Expectations
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Last year many online retailers failed their customers. Some sites couldn't handle the volume of visitors. Others promised that goods would arrive before Christmas, but couldn't deliver on time. General usability problems from having to register before being allowed to shop, to bells-and-whistles that took forever to download on dial-up modems, newcomers and seasoned retailers alike experienced problems meeting their customer's expectations. What can online retailers do to not just meet, but exceed their customers' expectations this year? What creates a satisfied customer? Jupiter also advises online retailers to monitor customer contact volumes and continually reassess staffing forecasts, they should...

How To Build A Web Site That Works
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If you want people to buy your product, you have to make it easy for them. Invest in a good shopping cart, and make sure that you offer payment options such as credit cards and other online payment options, such as Paypal. People don't want to have to bother to print off and mail in a form and a cheque - nor should they have to. ( For more on Canadian online payment options, see my article on Canadian E-Commerce Solutions.) Customers are concerned about transmitting personal information, such as credit card numbers, over the Web. You need to not...

Market Forces Continue To Shape The eRetailing Industry
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Brand identity: The Internet makes it very easy for shoppers to find the same product in many places. Services like make the process of price shopping painless; try shopping for a book with and it will tell you where you can buy the book online at the best delivered price, based upon where you want it delivered. Unless the retailer owns the brand it is easy to find the same product in any number of stores. Companies that own their own brands can avoid price competition online. (e.g. Sears with its Craftsman and Kenmore brands, and Sharper Image...

Hackers Star Matthew Lillard Confronts his Demons, or Should We Say Dragons?
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Since making his debut as the superstraight, wide-eyed brother of Ricki Lake in John Water's SERIAL MOM, up-and-coming teen heartthrob Matthew Lillard has been skateboarding his way down an increasingly wacky career path. In the Drew Barrymore-starrer MAD LOVE, Lillard had a supporting role as Chris O'Donnell's best friend -- a character so hyper, you wanted to feed him a dose of Ritalin. In HACKERS, it's the scenery that Lillard is gleefully chewing, playing a character called Cereal Killer who gesticulates wildly while sounding off in skate-punk Valley-speak. In interview mode, the lanky Lillard is just as talkative - so...

Angelina Jolie on Hackers....
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"I talked to a lot of male hackers who told me that, even though it's changing, very few hackers are women, so it's difficult for them to fit in. I think that's why Kate is so strong-willed and disciplined: she knows she's good, but she feels she has to be tough to be accepted as an equal." - Angelina Jolie

Interview with "Destiny"
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1) In your own words, define hacker. I believe its someone who watches over systems, They try to find a solution to a problem, They are constantly curious and try to learn as much as they can. 2) I understand hackers assume an online nickname to become known by - how did you acquire your nickname? I gave it to myself. What I learn today could very well be my "Destiny". 3) What is your technical background. (Which platform do...

Mitnick speaks!
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Kevin Mitnick is the most famous hacker in history. He has been in prison for more than four years for crimes that, when you get down to it, amount to little more than illegally copying proprietary software belonging to major companies including Motorola, Nokia and Sun. He was made a household name by New York Times reporter John Markoff, who featured Mitnick in a book called Cyberpunk (published in 1991), then wrote a front page story for the Times on July 4, 1994, that portrayed Mitnick as a superhacker who could wreak cyberhavoc--and ruin lives--if not caught by the Feds....

Hackers are the gremlins of the of the '90s
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Phiber Optik - real name: Mark Abene - is the hacker even computer illiterates have heard of, the one who got sent to jail for a year and a day for messing around with the phone company, the kind of whiz kid the FBI would have us believe is single-handedly going to bring down the information superhighway. So who better to give us the scoop on HACKERS vs. hackers? Do you call yourself a hacker? Yeah, sure, despite the way...

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