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Sony VAIO X505
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Dripping with seductive charm, Sony's seriously ultraportable VAIO X505 will be difficult to resist, but its beauty will cost you in both features and performance. And at £1,701 (ex. VAT, or £1,999 inc. VAT) it's not exactly a bargain -- especially considering the small screen and keyboard and the lack of an internal optical drive and modem. Sony is facing competition from less-expensive competitors, including the Dell Inspiron 700m, the Toshiba Portege R100 and the IBM ThinkPad X40, all of which are slightly larger than the VAIO X505 but about half the price. Nevertheless, the VAIO X505 is about the...

 Justin Jaffe & Eric Franklin
Fujitsu Siemens LifeBook P7010
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Fujitsu Siemens’ P-series ultraportable notebooks tend to draw admiring comments -- even, as we found during this review, from seasoned technology reporters. P-series systems are comfortably small enough that when the person in front of you in economy class leans back, you don’t have to worry about the screen breaking. The latest in the line, the 1.1GHz ultra-low-voltage Pentium M-based P7010, has one of the sharpest, crispest LCD screens we’ve ever seen; it also packs an enormous amount into a very small space, including a CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive, slots for the three main types of flash memory cards, and 802.11b/g...

 Wendy M Grossman  Comments Comments: 1
Rock Tablet T200
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Tablet PCs have not exactly set the mobile computing world on fire since they first appeared in 2002. Price is often cited as a reason for their relative lack of popularity -- whether you choose the swivel-hinged convertible notebook style or the keyboard-less slate style, there's a premium to pay for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (TPCE). XP TPCE might seem absolutely necessary for the tablet format, as it includes extras that are designed to take advantage of input via stylus and touch-screen. But some hardware manufacturers are endorsing the tablet concept while eschewing the specialised operating system. We have...

 Sandra Vogel
Dell Inspiron 6000: a first look
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Dell's new Inspiron 6000 promises to be a solid and highly configurable desktop replacement notebook, although the jury's still out on the potency of Intel's Sonoma platform. The Inspiron 6000 from Dell will be among the first notebooks to hit the market with Intel's new Sonoma technology. According to Intel, Sonoma will deliver faster data processing, and users -- particularly gamers and graphics pros -- should see less audio and video chop, quicker task execution, less power consumption and longer battery life as a result. The Inspiron 6000, a desktop-replacement notebook with multimedia aspirations, will be available with a Celeron...

 Justin Jaffe
Wi-Fi overtakes Ethernet for home networks
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Wi-Fi now rules the roost, according to a new research report concluding that wireless technology has gained a slight edge over Ethernet cables in US home networks. The survey, by research firms Parks Associates, found that 52 percent of US households with a home network were using wireless technology, compared with 50 percent for Ethernet and about 5 percent for power line networking via electrical wires.

 David Becker
Worm plays games with victims
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A worm that plays video game Tetris with victims as it attempts to further contaminate networks has infected a small number of PCs, antivirus firm Sophos warned Wednesday. The worm, known as Cellery.A, uses a playable version of the Russian video game to attract victims. While people play Tetris, the worm attempts to spread to networked hard drives and other accessible systems on a company's network that use the Microsoft Windows operating system, the firm stated in an advisory. "If...

 Robert Lemos
McAfee Launches SiteDigger 2.0 - program, which checks sites for their vulnerabilities
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Using Google's search index has a tool, McAfee has launched SiteDigger 2.0, a utility designed to locate human error information vulnerabilities that can show up in search engines. SiteDigger checks for errors against 7 defined categories, ensuring data leaks are kept to a minimum. The categories that SiteDigger checks in order to protect site privacy are: back-up files, configuration mistakes, remote administrator interface, error messages, public vulnerabilities, and technology profile.

iWork productivity software targets Microsoft's Office
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SAN FRANCISCO - Apple Computer announced its iWork '05 productivity software suite as part of a cavalcade of products putting it on a collision course with Microsoft and its Office suite. Apple chief Steve Jobs announced iWork '05 on Tuesday at the Macworld trade show. The $79 package includes Pages, a new word processing program developed by Apple, and an updated version of Keynote, a slideshow application Apple introduced two years ago. The company also introduced the $499 Mac Mini,...

 Richard Shim
Troy-horses infects Windows Media files?
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Video files appear that download malicious application when they are run. These files are .wmv files infected by Trj/WmvDownloader.A and Trj/WmvDownloader.B, two Trojans that take advantage of a new technology incorporated in Microsoft Windows Media player to install spyware, adware and dialers, as well as computer viruses. PandaLabs has detected the appearance of two new Trojans, Trj/WmvDownloader.A and Trj/WmvDownloader.B, which are spreading through P2P networks in video files.

Taiwan police seize 60,000 suspect AMD CPUs
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Based on tips provided by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Taiwan, the police Friday raided an electronics company located in Tainan, southern Taiwan, and seized a total of 60,000 suspect AMD CPUs, according to the police and sources at AMD Taiwan. The suspect AMD CPUs, including K7 and K8 models, were defective CPUs that would normally have been destroyed. However, market sources said that the CPUs might have been stolen from one of AMD’s three packaging and testing plants in Asia...

 Charles Chou  Comments Comments: 1