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Static Status
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Pinbox Productions update the official site for its role-playing game, Static with a mini-FAQ that details the status of the game and what the company is working on these days. Pinbox says that active development of the game has ceased and many of its members are currently pursuing careers in the game industry; funding for the game did not materialize, which was a major factor in ceasing development; while the game is on hold indefinitely the team hopers to return to developing it in the future; the playable demo will not be updated and is no longer supported by Pinbox;...

Redemption Revealed
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Vivendi Universal Games, Interplay and High Voltage Software revealed plans today to bring a new Hunter: The Reckoning game exclusively to the Xbox called Hunter: The Reckoning Redemption. Based on the popular White Wolf pen & paper role-playing game world, Redemption offers Xbox owners the chance to try out a souped-up version the game that was first popularized on the PlayStation 2. Redeemer offers an all-new character, new supernatural enemies, new areas, new weapons, power ups, edges (spells) and Hunter-specific combat moves. Further details can be found on the game's official site. Redemption is scheduled for release this fall.

Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO Unleashed
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Capcom has cut loose Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO, an Xbox fighting game that lets players take their favorite Capcom & SNK fighting heroes into battle offline and online via Xbox Live. The latest fight game from Capcom offers 40 characters from such top Capcom and SNK franchises as Street Fighter, Final Fight, Darkstalkers, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters. The game also offers numerous game modes, online rankings, Xbox Live Communicator support, special fighting combos and a whole lot more.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters
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Konami of America has shipped Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance today. Based on 4Kids Entertainment's popular animated show, Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters lets players play the selfsame game that the characters of the television show play. Dungeon Dice Monsters lets players partake in a dozen tournaments where combatants summon monsters, create dungeons, set traps and use magic in order to defeat the opposing Die Master. The game offers 80+ characters from the TV show and comic book, over 100 monsters, and head-to-head action via a Game Boy Advance Link cable.

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Introduction to .NET languages, VS.NET and Extending VS.NET
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In other sections previous to this, we have examined the runtime and the Common Type System. Essentially then, a .NET application can be thought of some code to manipulate these types and call methods in the Base Class Library, along with the application's logic. .NET compilers are of different types. .NET Consumers include compilers that let you do simple compilation of script code. On the other hand, .NET Extenders, let you take and extend existing Common Type System types. .NET language compilers do not compile your code directly to X86 (with the exception of one mode of the Visual C++.NET...

 Sam Gentile
Why PHP?
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If you are running on a UNIX or Linux platform, you have the choice between Perl and PHP, both excellent for scripting. Where PHP has the edge is in being much simpler for people new to writing scripts, making it more productive in the earlier stages. Perl also relies on having the correct modules downloaded from CPAN for some of the more off-beat functionality, whereas they come as part of the PHP distribution. Of course, there's no reason not have both Perl and PHP! On a Windows platform, there is competition from ASP and Cold Fusion. Here the choice can...

 Jalal Pushman
Advantages of PHP Over Java
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PHP is an established server-side scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages. PHP was built with the needs of Web developers in mind... Unlike other cumbersome, overhead-laden approaches, PHP is lightweight and focused on the Web - where it can solve complex problem scenarios quicker and more easily than comparable technologies. Java began its life as a programming language and was initially aimed at running client-side applications inside of Web browsers. Over the last few years, the problems associated with these "applets," as they were known, has led Sun and many other Java developers to use the language in other...

 Dan Orzech
PHP 4.0: Dynamic Content for the Web Warrior
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PHP 4.0 is not a trivial upgrade to an existing product--it's a total re-write with backward compatibility to the 3.x technology. That's actually quite a feat, because they kept the compatibility with version 3.x while making some radical changes under the hood. First and foremost, the 3.x product was really an interpreted language, each line of code evaluated during the execution of the server side page. With version 4.0, the functional difference is actually quite staggering--the server actually compiles the code on the fly, and then executes the code, with dramatic improvements in speed, as you can guess. There's actually...

 Paul Ferris
Viruses. What They Are, How They Get There and How to Protect Your System.
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Guilty. With that word, on January 22, 1990, Robert 1. Morris Jr. became the first person to be convicted under a new federal law designed to protect computer systems from malicious break-ins and viruses. Morris was responsible for the "worm" unleashed November 2, 1988, on computers connected via the ARPANET electronic network. Thousands of computer systems locked up as the worm reproduced itself and spread to other computer systems. Indeed, the worm was so prolific that many systems were forced...

 George Woodside
Evolution of a Super Hero
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The release of PHP 4.0, the long-awaited, next generation of the popular Web scripting language, is just around the corner. The most recent version, release candidate 1, is stable and ready to take over PHP 3.0's role in Web application development. The release takes PHP to new levels, with increased performance, more features, and cleaner syntax. With over 1000 functions, there's no itch you can't scratch with PHP--even with the older 3.0 version. Indeed, PHP is the most popular Apache module according to an E-soft survey. Netcraft studies indicate its continuing growth, and that it was being used on over...

 Tobias Ratschiller