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Alert: New Sober variant rapidly spreading
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Antivirus vendors reported the discovery of a new Sober variant Friday. Dubbed Sober.I or Sobber.J, the new worm variant was first detected in Western Europe and is rapidly spreading as users fail to heed warnings about opening unexpected e-mail attachments. Secunia rated this latest Sober variant a 'Medium Risk', F-Secure rated it a 2 out of 3, Symantec rated it a 3 out of 5, and other antivirus vendors have give it similar severity ratings.

Death Knell Sounds for Nullsoft, Winamp
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The last members of the original Winamp team have said goodbye to AOL and the door has all but shut on the Nullsoft era, BetaNews has learned. Only a few employees remain to prop up the once-ubiquitous digital audio player with minor updates, but no further improvements to Winamp are expected. Winamp's abandonment comes as no surprise to those close to the company who say the software has been on life support since the resignation of Nullsoft founder and Winamp...

 Nate Mook  Comments Comments: 1
PlayStation 3 chip on track
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Sony revealed new details Monday on the chip that will power the next version of its PlayStation video game machine and said development is on track to deliver products based on the chip next year. Sony and partners IBM and Toshiba said in a joint statement that IBM is ready to begin pilot production next year on the "Cell" processor jointly developed by the companies.

 David Becker  Comments Comments: 1
Microsoft pays hackers $250,000 to turn in their friends
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I love this move by Microsoft: put a $250,000 bounty on the authors of the Sobig virus, and let the free market handle the problem for you. Might as well add, "Dead or alive" to the announcement. Microsoft critics might counter by saying that if Microsoft would build a more secure operating system in the first place, they wouldn't need to put bounties on the heads of virus authors. But that's beside the point: virus authors are going to attack Microsoft's operating systems, web servers and database servers regardless of how well they're protected. This move by Microsoft shifts the...

What is a script kiddie, hacker or cracker?
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A script kiddie is a term related to a person who is normally not technologically sophisticated, who randomly seeks out a specific weakness over the Internet in order to gain administrative access to a system without really understanding what it is s/he is exploiting, because someone else discovered the weakness. A script kiddie is not looking to target specific information or a specific company, but rather uses knowledge of a vulnerability to scan the entire Internet for a victim that possesses that vulnerability. However, an alternative definition states that a script kiddie is a derogative term. It was originated by...

Hacker Psych 101
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Who are hackers, and what makes them tick? Two experts in the field of cyber forensics and psychology have some answers to that question. One is Marc Rogers, a behavioral sciences researcher at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada, and a former cyber detective. The other is Jerrold M. Post, a psychiatrist at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Rogers and Post have identified some basic behavioral trends for hackers who commit crimes. Rogers says one characteristic is that they tend to minimize or misconstrue the consequences of their activities, rationalizing that their behavior is really performing a service...

 Jeremy Quittner
Feds try to take logs from Nmap creator
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The creator of Nmap has said on his Web site,, that the FBI keeps trying to take data from his Web server. The creator of the famous hacking tool Nmap is being hounded by the FBI for copies of Web server log data from his Web site Fyodor, as he is known, is a well known figure in the security world, specifically for his work with Nmap. In his blog, Fyodor said that the authorities were asking him...

 Dan Ilett  Comments Comments: 1
Over the Thanksgiving holiday Hackers defaced off SCO Web site
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The SCO website appears to have been hacked over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. SCO's Web site was largely out of commission until Monday morning, a representative of the Lindon, Utah-based Unix and Linux seller said Monday. Performance measurement statistics from Netcraft indicated that the site had been down since Friday night. Company's website was also defaced.

 Mirko Zorz
Removing Spyware, Viruses, and Other Malware from Windows
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For nonprofit staff who use computers all day, system glitches can bring important work to a grinding halt. While you can often prevent trouble on Windows machines through regular maintenance, sometimes trouble finds you in the form of malware, software designed to damage or disrupt your computer system. Malware -- malicious software -- includes viruses, worms, and other software installed by hackers. Spyware and adware, while not necessarily malicious, is similarly undesirable. Such software can wreak all sorts of havoc on your computer. It can hog memory, cause crashes, shut down your computer, steal personal data, change your system settings,...

 Zachary Mutrux
Kerio Personal Firewall: Premium Security That Delivers Strength and Simplicity
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If your PC spends a lot of time connected to the Internet — and let's face it, if it doesn't, it's likely gathering dust in a closet — you need to be running some kind of firewall. And while the hardware firewalls found in most broadband routers are a good start and should be considered de rigueur for any small network, they generally deal with traffic only on the level of TCP/IP addresses and ports, and thus offer protection that's incomplete at best. To better protect yourself against threats like rogue applications downloading and running on your PC, you need...

 Joseph Moran