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Linus Torvalds speaks out against EU patent law
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Linux creator Linus Torvalds has made an appeal to the EU Council to oppose the adoption of the Directive on the Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions, known as the software patent directive. In a statement published on an anti-patent Web site (, Linus Torvalds, MySQL co-founder Michael Widenius and PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf, said that software patents must not be legalised. "In the interest of Europe, such a deceptive, dangerous and democratically illegitimate proposal must not become the Common Position of...

 Ingrid Marson
Netscape aims beyond Firefox
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Once chided for jumping the gun with its Mozilla-based browser, Netscape is gunning to surpass the original with its next release. Netscape on Wednesday confirmed an earlier report that it planned to release a new browser based on the Mozilla code. The America Online unit this week issued an invitation for people to sign up to test a limited prototype of the update, to be released Nov. 30. In its invitation to testers, Netscape didn't resist the urge to take...

 Paul Festa
Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?
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Has anybody had a good experience with Symantec's Norton Antivirus? Whenever I have written about Symantec's flagship consumer antivirus application, the response from readers is always the same. Hordes of Symantec's customers write in complaining that Norton AntiVirus (NAV) sucks up their system resources, doesn't clean their computer thoroughly and when they finally decide to ditch the program altogether, they first need to download a special un-installation tool from Symantec's Web site.

 Munir Kotadia  Comments Comments: 1
IView MediaPro v2.6.2
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Imagine everything you wanted to do with your digital media all in one place. iView MediaPro is a media management, presentation, editing, publishing and cataloging application. It offers a rich and intuitive feature set essential for creative professionals and digital photographers. Dedicated to delivering the industry-standard media management solutions for creative professionals, iView Multimedia announced today that its flagship product iView MediaPro v2.6.2 now supports the Digital Negative specification (DNG), the new public archival format developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated...

Panda Software reports the appearance of Sober.I
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PandaLabs has detected the appearance of a new worm called Sober.I. This malicious code is designed to spread rapidly via email in a message that can be written in English or German. According to data gathered by Panda Software’s international tech support network, Sober.I is starting to spread across German-speaking countries, such as Germany and Austria, causing incidents in users’ computers. The messages carrying Sober.I have extremely variable characteristics, as the subject, message body and name of the attachment are...

ATM industry prepares to secure its new windows-based ATMs
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The Global ATM Security Alliance (GASA) ( has published its international best practices for ATM Cyber Security as the ATM industry enters its cyber era, due to the twin migrations from X25 & frame relay to TCP/IP and from OS/2 to Windows XP. Whereas GASA’s General Cyber Security Manual, published last month, will help ATM companies with computer and network security at the corporate level, this new ATM-specific cyber security manual will afford windows-based ATMs a greater degree of defence...

Microsoft says IE updates possible
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Microsoft, under pressure to add new features to Internet Explorer, said it might do so by way of the browser's add-on mechanism. The company has been steadfast in its insistence that it won't issue a new standalone IE, which saw its last major upgrade in August 2001. After sustaining a series of security crises with IE, Microsoft issued a major upgrade with the Windows XP Service Pack 2. But that IE update is available only to people who use Windows...

 Paul Festa
Intel Aims to Make PCs Cooler, Quieter, Sleeker with BTX Form-Factor
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As projected, Intel Corp. Monday said its new BTX form-factor co-developed by Intel and a number of industry partners entered the scene and systems made using BTX guidelines are widely available around the globe. The advantages the new PC design brings, Intel said, are a better balance in thermal management, system size and shape, and acoustics. // BTX Replaces ATX // “The current industry standard ATX was introduced in 1995, and as technology has evolved, new challenges have arisen...

 Anton Shilov
Dear IE, I
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Dear Internet Explorer: It's over. Our relationship just hasn't been working for a while, and now, this is it. I'm leaving you for another browser. I know this isn't a good time - you're down with yet another virus. I do hope you feel better soon - really, I do - but I, too, have to move on with my life. Fact is, in the entire time I've known you, you seem to always have a virus or an occasional...

 Robert Vamosi
Boy sues mom who refuses to buy him a PC
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We used a lot of ploys to try and get our parents to buy us stuff when we were younger (you don’t even want to know what we did to score an original Nintendo Entertainment System), but an 11-year-old in central China has raised the bar for gadget-hungry kids everywhere by suing his mother after she backed out of an agreement to buy him a computer if he got good enough grades. According to the China Daily, the mother told...