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Over the Thanksgiving holiday Hackers defaced off SCO Web site

The SCO website appears to have been hacked over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

SCO's Web site was largely out of commission until Monday morning, a representative of the Lindon, Utah-based Unix and Linux seller said Monday. Performance measurement statistics from Netcraft indicated that the site had been down since Friday night. Company's website was also defaced.

On site's page, created to show RedHat vs SCO case chronology, was writed note "SCO vs World":

Recently we discovered parts of our code in all Microsoft(R) software. We want take actions against Microsoft(R), and our lawyers are working on it.

The above mentioned parts of source parts was found in all Microsoft(R) products - from MS-DOS(TM) 2.1 to Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) Longhorn. Now we are studiying MS-DOS source. We found this thing: all

“while (1){ do_something; }” and "for (i = 0; i < 16; i++)"

cycles was taken from our code".

Hackers also defaced main site's page, leaving a banner with slogans "We own all your code" and "Pay us all your money", so, it's a second attack from MyDoom attack on SCO.

In a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, numerous computers simultaneously send so much data across a network that the targeted system slows to a crawl while trying to keep up with the traffic it's receiving. The SCO representative could not say where this weekend's strike originated.

However, unofficial open-source spokesman Eric Raymond suggested in a posting Sunday to open-source news Web site NewsForge that the attack was launched by someone angry at comments from SCO executives criticizing the open-source community's role in the legal battles over Linux.

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