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Art of Kissing Single Women on Your First Date

Take her to paradise with your kiss!!!

At the end of a first date comes that awkward moment when you must decide if you want to kiss her or not.

Also, if you do kiss her it had better be good to make a favorable impression. It may not be fair, but some single women will judge you on your first kiss as to whether she would be attracted to you want to date you again.

In other words, she must feel some chemistry when she kisses you.

If you are a lousy kisser, then you're going to be a failure at creating good chemistry between you and your date. Is chemistry important on a first date?

You bet it is! And if you're a great kisser, you're going to turn her on and have an edge on the other guys that date her that are lousy kissers.

So, just exactly what makes a good kisser and kisses that single women that you go out with won't forget? The key is to be soft and gentle and follow her lead...that's all there is to it.

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