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Sony SDM-S204

Sony's 20.1in. SDM-S204 has a super-thin bezel measuring around 1.3cm wide on the sides, 1.9cm along the top, and 2.6cm on the bottom. Seven round control buttons are tucked discreetly along the lower-right bezel. For such a large monitor, the SDM-S204 sits low -- the top of the screen is just 46cm from the desktop -- and it's considerably less adjustable than other large LCDs are. You cannot raise or lower the panel, nor can you rotate it to Portrait mode. However, the SDM-S204 swivels a generous 175 degrees on a lazy Susan underneath the base, and you can tilt the panel about 20 degrees backward and a few degrees forward. You can connect to a VESA-compatible wall or arm mount.

The SDM-S204 has the range of connectivity options you'd expect for such a pricey display. With two analogue signal inputs and one DVI-D input (Sony includes one of each type of cable), the monitor can accommodate a variety of graphics cards and support multiple PCs. Behind the SDM-S204's sliding back cover are three plastic cable-feed clips, and two more are concealed inside the neck. They neatly and discreetly gather the connection and power cords.

The SDM-S204 features Sony's ErgoBright technology, which adjusts the brightness level to ambient lighting conditions. We found this to be quite effective. There are also four preset brightness modes -- High, Middle, Low, and User Defined -- and the on-screen menu controls are easy to access and simple to operate. Still, in our bevy of DisplayMate test screens, the Sony SDM-S204 was merely an average performer. With a native resolution of 1,600 by 1,200, text looked clear but not ultra-sharp. We also detected a number of colour inaccuracies, and the SDM-S204 had trouble making a smooth transition from the dark end of the greyscale to the light end. Despite its large screen, we don't recommend the SDM-S204 for serious DVD viewing and game playing.

The Sony SDM-S204 comes with a three-year limited warranty that covers all materials and workmanship against defects. Drivers, manuals, a knowledge base and access to tech-support email are all available on Sony's Web site.

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