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University Linux

University Linux is a compact distribution that is optimized for learning about the operation of dedicated network servers and is easily installed on almost any PC having 8 MBytes of HD space and at least 8 MBytes of RAM with no partitioning of your hard drive. As such, it takes advantage of the Linux functions specific to networking while remaining economical with system hard drive and memory resources. University Linux is not designed to be a user-oriented distribution to replace the Windows environment for word processing or Internet browsing. University Linux is intended for instalation on older PCs that can be dedicated as network servers, administered remotely, without having the complications of a desktop style user interface.

Ideal for Learning Linux - Understand Linux, Servers, Networking
Complete Network Server - FTP, Telnet and Web Page Servers
CGI Programming - Supports Perl
No Hard Drive Partitioning - Installs Directly on Win95/98/ME or DOS File Systems.

System Requirements
386 (or higher) Processor
8 MBytes RAM
8 MBytes Free Hard Drive Space
Almost any functioning desktop PC can be the target system for University Linux. Your target PC must be running DOS, Windows 3.1 or Win95/98/ME. University Linux supports common ethernet cards and external modems. University Linux installs on the existing Windows or DOS file structure. You can run Windows (or DOS) on your target PC at any time by simply re-booting.

No hard drive partitioning is required!

Lankomumo reitingas

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