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Revolutionary Paradigm Shift in our Understanding of the Purpose of Female Pleasure

In contrast to the male orgasm which has a very clear biological purpose – to impregnate – it seems that people have not been able to find a clear biological purpose for the female orgasm. When you ask this simple question at a cocktail party, you will find out that almost no one knows the answer. To set the record straight, EGO correspondent Marius Peter decided to take matters into his own hands, brush up on his biology studies at Harvard, and research various online and off-line information sources to find out the little-known, surprising and definitely revolutionary truth that the female orgasm increases the chances of getting pregnant over five (5) times, and more importantly he found out how it all happens.

Over the centuries, scientist of all sorts including biologists, psychologists, sexologists, anthropologists and feminists have all put forth various theories which could be classified by and large into three categories. Let us first review them.

Theory 1: “No purpose”

Harvard professor Stephen Jay Gould that the clitoris is vestigial or frivolous in the female, much like the nipples are purposeless in the male (or are they?), and that female orgasm serves no particular evolutionary function. Many feminists such as Natalie Angier have criticized this theory, because it understates the value of female orgasm. Well, Natalie you will find your answer at the end of this article.

In fact, I only found one source which got the truth right besides the discovery channel. The reader is encouraged to do their own Googleing and mail us any conclusions or leave them in the comment area below the article.

Theory 2: “The purpose of the female orgasm is just ‘fun’”.

This argument makes no sense to me. Many things are “fun” for people, such as eating,sleeping, drinking or skiing but their primary reason is not to be fun but something else. Take eating and sleeping for instance – we need to sleep to rest, not just becasue it's fun, we need to eat to replenish the body, not because we need to have fun. True, nature encourages us to do these things by making them "fun", but the primary purpose is sometihng else. "Fun" is just a way to encourage the body to do things whose deeper, primary purpose is something else.

Also, you can argue that men can also have fun during intercourse without an orgasm so we can safely concluding that “fun” might be necessary (to encourage procreation) but not a sufficient argument.

Theory 3: “The purpose is to maximize the likelihood of pregnancy” and its Conclusive Proof

The question is how? So what actually happens during a female orgasm and what are the detailed mechanics that would cause to maximize the likelihood of pregnancy?

Before we can answer this question, we have to be precise about the language and clarify which female orgasm we are talking about. Namely, it turns out, unlike men, women can have many forms of orgasms. They are usually classified as vaginal, clitoral and blended orgasms, which the combination of the two. Now let’s just make clear that in the context of biological purpose and while discussing the mechanics of an orgasm, we are only talking about the vaginal orgasm.

Now, what most people do seem to know is that during an orgasm women experience contractions and those can occur multiple times, and this is where most information sources that I reviewed except for one stopped.

But so what? How could cramping or contractions be useful to maximize fertility? Sometimes my upper lip also contracts and cramps with no apparent purpose.

It turns out that the same day that The New York Times published the article claiming no purpose or putting forth some quasi-evolutionary fallacy argument that if a woman experiences more orgasms with a certain man they are more likely to stay with them as a couple would be good for procreation. That is true, but it is a very roundabout, hardly satisfying answer. In science, these are called second or third-order factors which often have no impact. So what is the first-order factor?

Four Scientists and a Camera

As I was sitting down in my living room and flipping through various TV channels, I accidentally stopped at the Discovery Channel and lo and behold what did my young eyes see. The scientific documentary featured scientists in white robes inserting a miniature camera into the female vagina during the orgasm and the camera revealed the elusive truth that so many had been pursuing for years. What the camera showed was a female uterus jumping forward like a vacuum pump and sucking up the semen from vagina.

Mystical Force

This truth also had a very personal meaning for me. When I was a very, very young man, it so happened that over the years I had more than one sexual experience and even more than partner In certain cases, perhaps one third of the time, I felt that during intercourse an even more powerful force coming from inside the woman was pumping against me with a tremendous, mystical force. And for years, I had been wondering the origin of this mystical force. What is more, I believe that most men who have experienced this type of powerful head-on collision would agree that the Mystical Force also produces them immense pleasure.

By the way, when I tell this part of the story at a dinner party, people’s expressions are priceless. A good percentage of men express a light smile and revel in distant memories thinking about their ex-girlfriends or wives or more exotic adventures, whereas most women look befuddled at best.

Finally, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how this type of sucking vacuum movement would maximize semen uptake and pregnancy. In fact, medical literature on fertility reveals that if there is no orgasm, only 1% of the sperm make it inside the uterus, whereas if there is an orgasm as much as 5% semen make it to their destination. This is a significant difference since it improves the chances of becoming pregnant five times.


A few weeks after learning this secret truth, I was in Manhattan taking car service and to kill some time, I told the driver, who was from the Dominican Republic, my story. When I finished, I asked the driver whether he had ever felt this magical force.

He turned around, smiled and said: “Of course, it happens all the time with our women, we even have a word for this – “manuchito”. This reminded me of the fact that Eskimos purportedly have 14 words for “snow”, and if I were not married, I would start booking my ticket for the next flight to the Dominican Republic.

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