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Female Orgasm – 3 Great Positions For Maximum Pleasure!
We have already looked at what the female orgasm is in other articles, here we are going to look at how you and your partner can achieve satisfying orgasms and enhance your relationship.

The conditions must be correct for your partner to achieve orgasm, both partners must be relaxed and in a comfortable setting and feel totally at ease.

The feeling of anxiety must not be present, as well as the moods of both partners must be happy and without care. This psychological aspect is somehow as important as the physical ones.

Relax and set the mood with foreplay

To achieve orgasm, as much foreplay as possible must be performed. In most cases, and where the woman wishes it, cunnilingus is very effective.

In fact, if cunnilingus is properly performed the woman will reach an initial orgasm. It should take on the average about 20 minutes. See the net-planet article on cunnilingus for the correct and effective procedures. Do not stop however, as the larger and more important orgasm is yet to come.

3 Positions for great female orgasm

There are three positions that almost insure a long and pleasurable female orgasm. Do not attempt any of the three without adequate foreplay (or the cunnilingus as above).

The first position has many names, but as mentioned in the Perfumed Garden (a classic Arabic text from the golden age of Arabic Literature), it is called Dok-al-Arz, or “pounding on the spot”.

This position assures 3 important factors in copulation. The first is depth of the penis. The second is the “G-Spot angle” and the third is maximum clitoral stimulation.

To achieve this position the man sits on the edge of the bed, and the woman sits on the man, inserting his penis deeply into her vagina. She then wraps her legs around him, as well as her arms. The couple is free to kiss if desired.

Then the woman begins a slow grinding movement (no thrusting is possible). She is able to stimulate simultaneously her clitoris and G-Spot. The orgasm comes quickly and with great intensity.

Should the man be able to ejaculate into her womb as she is finishing, the result is only intensified. The woman will love the man greatly if performed well.

The second position also has a great many names, but is commonly knows as The Gates of Heaven.

To perform this The woman lies on her back. The man lies or kneels in alignment with the vagina.
The man will hold (or press with his shoulder) the woman's leg(s) upwards to adapt the positioning of the woman's pelvis. This position, as believed by some, achieves a faster and more intense type of female orgasm.

This can be accomplished through lifting the women's leg(s) higher upwards; the deeper the man's penis can fully go in.

Again, there is both clitoral and G-Spot stimulation. Again, there is very little or no thrusting, but a slow and steady grinding movement. If the woman and man can grind in rhythm, the effect is only heightened.

The third position is a variation of the second, and is called Crab on its Back. This position, like the previous two assures maximum clitoral and G-Spot stimulation. This position allows for some thrusting.

The woman lies on her back with a cushion beneath her buttocks, and the man kneels or lies on top of her while pressing her thighs hard against her chest. The vagina will be tighter and the cervix will be pushed forward, so the penis presses against the cervix when thrusting, with a corresponding intensity of sensation. The result is often a very quick and immediate orgasm (or series of orgasms) of the woman.

Achieving satisfaction

The practicing of these three positions will give you and your partner a lot of pleasure and if done correctly can help her achieve wonderful orgasms to enhance and fulfill your relationship with each other.

For more free information on Female sexual issues including, satisfaction, health and a variety of related subjects visit:

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