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Living lightly on the earth
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Although the interdependence of all things lies at the heart of Buddhist teaching, ecology as such is a modern formulation. We might certainly plead that it is a much needed restatement of the Buddhist vision in modern times, we might side with the poets (among them, the Buddha himself) and agree that truth gets lost in the words and therefore needs restating anew from age to age. It is still up to us, however, to prove our claim from traditional sources in order to carry everyone with us. For such a position to be convincing we need to look at...

Nuns experiences
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On Saturday 12th July 2003 we four married women chose to experience life as Buddhist nuns. We were privileged to be the first group of nuns ordained in Birmingham. The occasion was made all the more auspicious due to the Sangha hosting the Veneration of the U.N. Relics of our Lord Buddha at the Pagoda. It was a very significant milestone on my Dhamma path. I have practised earnestly for eighteen years as a Theravadin devotee, learned to meditate properly, and have enjoyed Vipassana meditation as a way of life. To be ordained as a nun, even just for seven...

A Natural habit
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I would like to write about the robes worn by Theravada Buddhist monks, taking my reference from the Pali scriptures. In the beginning of the Buddha's lifetime all the monks wore only the robes made of discarded pieces of cloth (panthukula civara) sometimes taken from rubbish heaps or even from the cemetery and sewed and dyed by themselves. Why did they wear such unattractive old robes? Because they wished to remove all the impediments to the solitary life. The number of Buddhist monks increased day by day. In later years the Buddha allowed monks to accept robes offered by people....