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RSA Security and GeoTrust Announce Strategic Partnership to Offer Digital Certificate Solutions

RSA Security and GeoTrust help customers needing low-cost, SSL server certificates to receive them quickly and easily compared to other managed service providers

BEDFORD, Mass. & WELLESLEY, Mass. — May 19, 2004 — RSA Security Inc. (NASDAQ: RSAS) and GeoTrust, Inc., two leading providers of e-security solutions, today announced an agreement in which RSA Security is helping customers receive GeoTrust enterprise-level secure sockets layer (SSL) digital certificate solutions. RSA Security customers now have a choice to host their own certificate authority or choose the GeoTrust managed solution. The two companies are also pursuing additional product integration opportunities to meet the needs of an expanding identity and access management marketplace.

GeoTrust offers a comprehensive suite of SSL certificates, including one of the world’s fastest digital certificate issuance processes. GeoTrust’s SSL certificate solutions complement RSA Security’s secure enterprise access solutions. They are tailored for businesses that prefer to use a managed service provisioning solution instead of hosting their own certificate authority. GeoTrust’s SSL certificates are well suited for a variety of environments, such as helping to ensure the security of enterprise-wide e-business transactions, the trusted distribution of applications on wireless devices, the validity of websites, and the identify of businesses and individuals. Enterprises, web hosting companies and security resellers can now purchase GeoTrust SSL certificates from links provided on the RSA Security website at or through RSA Security’s enterprise sales organization.

“As our customers expand their e-business initiatives, they often have a need to obtain digital certificates to secure communications and transactions,” said Jason Lewis, vice president of product management and marketing at RSA Security. “GeoTrust provides a leading automated certificate provisioning solution making SSL certificates simple, virtually instantaneous and extremely cost-effective. Whether our customers need a few certificates for site-to-site communications or host their own certificate authority, RSA Security has made it easy for customers to address their enterprise security requirements.”

“GeoTrust is one of the fastest growing certificate authorities in the world,” said Neal Creighton, president and CEO of GeoTrust. “Companies are choosing us for digital certificates, and we’re gratified that RSA Security, a recognized leader in the global IT security industry, would also recognize the value our technology and services bring. This SSL certificate managed service offering is the first of several planned joint initiatives between RSA Security and GeoTrust.”

GeoTrust Quick SSL™, Quick SSL™ Premium, True Business ID®, TrueBusiness ID® Wildcard and Enterprise SSL™ solutions are now available through RSA Security. QuickSSL is one of the industry’s first automated solutions allowing web hosting providers and businesses to apply for and receive digital certificates for web domain names. The process from start-to-finish takes less than ten minutes, where as other vetting processes often take several days. True BusinessID is a next generation web trust service that combines state-of-the-art 128-bit SSL encryption and identity verification. Enterprise SSL is a powerful yet easy-to-use solution that gives customers the capability to centrally order, approve and manage 128-bit SSL certificates.

About RSA Security Inc.

RSA Security Inc. helps organizations protect private information and manage the identities of people and applications accessing and exchanging that information. RSA Security’s portfolio of solutions - including identity & access management, secure mobile & remote access, secure enterprise access and secure transactions - are all designed to provide the most seamless e-security experience in the market. Our strong reputation is built on our history of ingenuity, leadership, proven technologies and our more than 14,000 customers around the globe. Together with more than 1,000 technology and integration partners, RSA Security inspires confidence in everyone to experience the power and promise of the Internet. For more information, please visit

About GeoTrust, Inc.

GeoTrust, Inc., an emerging leader in Identity and Trust Services, helps organizations of all sizes secure e-commerce transactions, trusted identities and fully managed trusted environments for conducting e-business. GeoTrust’s Web Security Services offer hosting providers and businesses with world-class digital certificates for fast transaction security and patent-pending smart-seals to ensure a trusted identity on the Web. GeoTrust also offers managed security services for large enterprises. With more than 70,000 companies in over 140 countries using its technology for transaction security, GeoTrust is the second largest digital certificate provider in the world. GeoTrust can be reached at or 800-944-0492.

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RSA is a registered trademark of RSA Security Inc. in the United States and other countries. GeoTrust is a registered trademark and Quick SSL™, Quick SSL™ Premium, True Business ID®, TrueBusiness ID® Wildcard and Enterprise SSL™ are trademarks of GeoTrust, Inc. All other products and services mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

Media Contacts:

Joan Lockhart
GeoTrust, Inc.

Bill Keeler
Schwartz Communications

Tim Powers
RSA Security

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