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Skirmantas Valiulis (Biography)
Skirmantas Valiulis was born in 1938. S. Valiulis is an art critic of photography, television and cinema, he lecturers at department of Journalism at Vilnius University (VU) as well as at Vilnius Pedagogical University (VPU) and Lithuanian Academy of Arts (LMA). S.Valiulis is a member of the Lithuanian union of journalists, board of Lithuanian art of photography as well as union of cinematography, commission of experts of LR KM Cinema and Photography. S.Valiulis is a member of LR KM board of culture and art. S. Valiulis is an author of a very diverse publications and articles about cinema, photography and television that are being published throughout very different papers and magazines. S.Valiulis compiled and was coauthor of “Lithuanian photography: Yesterday and Today” (1997-2001). He is a permanent commentator of Lithuanian television in “Lietuvos Rytas” weekly extra “TV Antena”. S.Valiulis participated as a member of jury at international festivals: international film festival in Lagov (Poland 1994, 1995), in Kracow (Poland 1996), four time at TV competition “Ad Rem” in Lithuania. S. Valiulis has been awarded by union of cinematography for his critical works. He was given a name of honor by International Federation of Photography (FIAF). 2001 S.Valiulis has been awarded an order of V Degree / Grade of The Great Duke of Lithuania Gediminas. S.Valiulis gained some experience at University of Ohayo USA (1995).
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1. How is Lithuanian cinema getting on today?
1. How is Lithuanian cinema getting on today?