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An Abstract Medium
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It's our first time. We go to the airport early, before they open. We have to take a class first. It's a larger group than usual, they tell us. The club shows a video tape of a lawyer who tells us about the contract we are about to sign. He tells how it will be impossible for our survivors to sue if we get killed. We elbow each other and snicker. We sit up straighter. We stand in line to sign the contract and pay our $125.00. `We watch a movie. We learn how to fall. They hang us from...

 Brad Pennington
BASE jumping
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BASE jumping is without a doubt my favorite sport in the world. If I had to give up all other activities and keep only one, it would be BASE. The feeling you get when you leap off of a stationary object is like nothing else in the world. Nothing. You are jumping into dead space, with absolutely no noise or wind resistance. Since the jump starts from a standstill, you experience the full effect of acceleration toward terminal velocity. This is entirely different from jumping out of a noisy airplane that already has velocity and is creating wind resistance. Don't...

 Troy Hartman
Son, Skydiving is Dangerous
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As a 19-year-old undergraduate still looking for a major course of study, life seemed to have little to offer me except cheap thrills. If something would go wrong, and I would splatter against the plowed earth of the Sacramento valley, well, what was the point of being alive if I didn't experience all life had to offer? It goes without saying that children of all ages will be drawn like moths to the fire of every kind of sensory stimuli. It is our job as responsible adults to shield them from the flames of both real danger or virtual thrills,...

 Rabbi Yonason Goldson
The Sky Is The Limit!
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From the start you must understand that I am quite ruthless when it comes to achieving goals, which seems out of character for a person with cerebral palsy or any other disability for that matter. Most people would not even think about tackling it, let alone getting out there and doing it. Over the last 50-years, I have achieved many changes in the community by making organizations and community groups aware of the abilities of people with disabilities. Among these is a Diploma of Honor from Paris for my Typewriter Artwork and I have been awarded The Duke of Edinburgh...

 Judith Geppert
Understanding the Sport
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A modern Formula One car has almost as much in common with a jet fighter as it does with an ordinary road car. Aerodynamics have become key to success in the sport and teams spend tens of millions of dollars on research and development in the field each year. The aerodynamic designer has two primary concerns: the creation of downforce, to help push the car's tyres onto the track and improve cornering forces; and minimising the drag that gets caused...

History of Wing Chun Kung Fu
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Four hundred years ago, there lived a man named Yim Say Koan who had trained for many years in the Shaolin Temple. His bean cake store was the means by which he supported his only child, a girl, named Yim Wing Chun. Mr. Yim started his daughter training in the martial arts under his tutelage while she was still very young. As she reached her mid-teens, she began attracting many suitors. One was a gangster who tried to force Wing Chun into marriage. In order to prevent this, Mr. Yim sent his daughter to Pot Hok Kwoon, a temple where...

1979 - a turning point in F1 history
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In Spain, Renault finally introduced ground-effect on the RS10. The chassis became more and more balanced and in Monaco the engine was given a double-turbo system. Every line of cylinders had its own turbo and the engine gained 1200rpm. The new turbos, supplied by KKK, were much smaller. The previous supplier, Garett Industry, had been unable to make them so small. A few weeks later, the team were optimistic of achieving their first victory. On the Dijon-Prenois circuit, just less than two years after Renault first entered F1, Jean-Pierre Jabouille took their first victory, rewarding his long commitment to the...

Kings and Pawns in Soviet Russia by Olaf Ulvestad
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July 19, 1946, That was a red-letter day in my life! It was then that the seven top ranking American Chess masters voted me on the team to represent the U.S.A. in the coming September ten-man chess-team march with Soviet Russia at Moscow The mere thought of this good fortune gave me thrills of anticipation. Aside from the international chess competition, I was to get first-hand glimpses of a country which was at once the subject of considerable criticism. My feelings were naturally heightened when I thought of the barriers which the USSR had raised to foreign visitors. We, moreover,...

Washington Chess Letter summaries - April to June 1953
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As is very common for many many issues of WCL April 1953 issue finds Dan Wade of Seattle as Editor of an 18 page issue. Assistant Editors are John Nourse of Port Blakely, F.W. Weaver , O.W. Manney, E. Zemglais and Ken Mulford all of Seattle. Washington Chess Federation President was O.W. Manney. There is a full page announcement for 1953 Tourney for Women to be held May 17, 1953, $1.00 entry fee. All entries fees will go the winner. Tournament was to be held at site of Seattle Chess Club, 616 Madison St, Seattle, the basement of Knickerbocker Hotel...

Washington Chess Letter summaries - July to September 1953
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A 20 page issue had Daniel Wade as Editor as usual. The Assistant Editors were John Nourse, W.H. Weaver, O. Manney, Ollie LaFreniere, J. Sheets, Mrs. Wade and W. Couturs plus R.R. Merk for circulation and Postal Director. Mr. Greene was a top the postal rating list of 49 players. I believe the only players on this list still alive today and Ken Mulford and Don Kendall. Editor Wade reports: “Chess paraded up 4th Ave. in Seattle, Friday eve. July 31st! The occasion was the annual Seattle Seafair. Our game was represented by three decorated cars with signs advertising the...