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Delta's Lingerie Collection: AUSTRALIA

Delta Goodrem with designer Bruno Schiavi and models at the launch of Delta by anabella in Sydney.
Move over Kylie and Elle, Delta's gone into the undies business.

But unlike her celebrity competitors, she's kept her clothes on, deciding not to slip into her "pretty" and "affordable" lingerie in bid to promote sales.

Both Kylie Minogue, with her Love Kylie range, and Elle Macpherson with her Intimates collection, have been happy to be photographed in their knickers in the drive for marketshare.

But while Delta Goodrem's name is on the tag of her new range, she's left the modelling to the professionals, staying true to her wholesome girl next door image.

The singer and actress -- who like Kylie got her start on Neighbours -- today said the Delta by anabella collection was not just for those with bodies to die for, and was aimed at women aged 16 to 50. These bras and undies could be worn every day of the year.

Delta co-designed the range with fashion designer and head of Jupi Corporation Bruno Schiavi. "Delta and I set out to create an amazing lingerie collection made from the finest fabrics and laces from around the world." Schiavi said.

"The garments had to be made from extraordinarily high quality fabrics, come in all shapes and sizes and be affordable, I think we've been able to achieve this and more with Delta by anabella."

To a soundtrack of Delta's songs, a handful of models today showcased the collection to the waiting audience -- with offerings in green, blue, pink and gold alongside the more traditional black and white.

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