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What to wear and when

Formal day
Floor-length gown with cathedral or chapel train in white, ivory or pastel. Long veil. Train is optional in a full-skirted ballgown. Gloves mandatory if gown has short sleeves or is sleeveless. Shoes match gown. Bride carries bouquet or prayer book.

Formal evening
The timing of the day formal wedding is up to six o’clock. After six o’clock the formal wedding becomes an evening formal. The bridal gown is the same, however, although, in the evening, there may be more extensive trimming and more elaborate fabric.

Semi-formal day
A white, ivory or pastel floor-length or ballerina gown worn with an elbow-length veil. (An informal wedding would either omit the veil or include a very short veil. A hat or flowers in the hair are an option.)

Semi-formal evening
The choice of gown is the same as for the semi-formal day wedding, although the gown detailing might be more elaborate.

Formal day
One choice is a cutaway coat in grey or black with striped trousers, grey waistcoat, wing-collared white shirt, striped ascot. Another choice is the shorter jacket with striped trousers, wing-collared white shirt. These days, the tuxedo also is worn at the
daytime formal wedding.

Formal evening
Black tuxedo or dinner jacket, black striped trousers, coordinated vest or cummerbund and bow tie, although other tie options now are acceptable. For a very formal wedding, black tails, white tie and accessories.

Semi-formal day
Grey or black jacket with striped trousers, grey vest, white shirt, grey-and-white striped tie, although currently there is relaxation in choice and colour of vests and ties.

Semi-formal evening
Dark jackets in the winter and lighter colours an option in the summer. Matching or contrasting jackets and trousers. Tie to match vest or cummerbund.

Formal day
Floor length, ballerina or tea- length gown. Hat, cap or hair dressed with flowers. A short veil is an option. Shoes match gown.

Formal evening
Long or ballerina length. No short or mini dresses. Shoes match gown. Head dressed with flowers, veil, cap or hat.

Semi-formal day
Floor length, ballerina or tea- length down. For the informal wedding, mini or knee-length dresses. Dressing the hair is optional.

Semi-formal evening
Long, ballerina or tea-length gowns, similar to those for a daytime wedding. For the less formal wedding, it is permissible for the bride to wear a long gown and her attendants to wear short gowns.

Formal day
Street-length dress. Hat or dressed hair. Gloves. (Notice that the Royal parents and guests always wear short dresses at their family weddings, no matter how elaborate the gowns of the wedding party.) Coordinated accessories and flowers.

Formal evening
Floor length, head covering, jewellery.

Semi-formal day
Street length dress. Some form
of hat or headdress.

Semi-formal evening
Long dress preferred but shorter dress is an option. At an informal wedding, a street-length dress or suit is worn.

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