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Palanga Airport
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Palanga International Airport is a small regional airport in the west of Lithuania. At present, mainly the following types of passenger airplanes land at the airport: YK-40, YK-42, BOEING - 737, SAAB-2000, SAAB-340, Jetstream-32, ATR-42. Since 1993 number of passengers has been increasing annually by 10 - 15 percent. Now the airport is the second largest in Lithuania in terms of passenger numbers. Over 200 employees are engaged in the airport facilities. The main regular flights destinations during the summer season are as follows: Billund (Denmark), Stockholm, Ronneby, Malmo (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt-on-Main (Germany). During the winter season...

Lithuanian aviation
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Long ago Lithuanians became interested in possibilities to fly. Lithuanian military engineer Kazimieras Simonavicius described the principles of the multistage rockets' construction in the artillery textbook "Artis Magnae Artilleriae", which was published in 1650 and was used in Europe for a long time. The self-taught constructor Aleksandras Griskevicius (1808-1863) constructed and described in the book "Lowlander's Steamflyer" ("ˇemaičio Garlėkis"), published in 1851 in Kaunas, the aircraft, which had the characteristics of the plane and the balloon. In 1911 a glider was built in Kaunas by famous master of organs Jonas Garalevicius (1871-1943). In the same year Jonas Venskus tested the...

Lithuanian Air Force use of the Gloster Gladiator during the Second World War
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Shortly after the Latvian Government placed its order for Gladiators, the Government of the neighbouring Baltic state of Lithuania also placed an order in May 1937, for 14 aircraft, which were specified to be armed with four 7.7mm Vickers Mk.VM machine guns (modified 0.303 inch guns). These were delivered by ship during October and November 1937 and were used by the Lithuanian Air Force from Vilnius and Kaunas, bearing the Lithuanian AF serial numbers G-701 to G-714. The Gladiators were operated by 5 Eskadrilia of II Nailintuva Grupe (Fighter Group). At the time of the Soviet occupation the Gladiators were...

The White Eagles: Polish Aviation 1918-1920
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In 1914, Poland was a dream, not a geopolitical reality. The disastrous War of the Polish Succession issued in the partition of the ancient, Catholic kingdom. Austria took Galicia in the southwest. Protestant Germany annexed Silesia and parts of the Polish Baltic. Reactionary, Orthodox Russia siezed the rest and ruled it harshly. From time to time, inspired by enthusiasm for Chopin or the polka, romantics, idealists, and eccentrics of various stripes championed Polish independence, particularly during the effusion of nationalist sentiment that swept Europe in the nineteenth century. For a time, under Napoleon, the nation even enjoyed a nominal independence...

The Group of ANBO-41 Reconstruction
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Lithuanian aviation traditions are rather old. We know the fact that European connoisseurs were surprised by the squadron of planes designed by General Antanas Gustaitis whose Centenary was celebrated in 1998. To commemorate this date a group of aviation enthusiasts headed by prof. Antanas Ziliukas from Kaunas University of Technology worked out the plan how to rebuild “ANBO-41” – A.Gustaitis designed plane. It would be a symbol of Lithuanian aviation, it would attract the people to Lithuanian aviation festivals, it would fly round the world visiting the remotest Lithuanian abodes carrying out General A.Gustaitis dream of making far-away flights. It...

Antanas Gustaitis
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A.Gustaitis, one of the founders of the Aero Club of Lithuania, was later named vice-president and Honorary member of the Club. He encouraged the youth of Lithuania to pay more attention to the less expensive branch of aviation – the gliding. He promoted the training of the first gliding instructors and the building of the first gliders. He spoke several foreign languages fluently, liked music and was an outstanding chess-player (in 1923 he became the chess champion of Lithuania). However, A.Gustaitis’ biggest achievement was the design of aeroplanes, of nine different types, their testing and organizing of their serial production....

Vytautas Lapenas Flight School
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The school has a wonderful team of pilot-instructors, each having a wide experience both in independent flying and in instructing. You will be greatly surprised to meet distinguished and titled sportsmen among them. One of them is Vytautas Lapenas, the legendary man, who needs no introduction. Training is conducted in English, Spanish, Russian and Lithuanian. Hard-surface runway will facilitate your first steps into the sky. We will offer you different training programmes starting from those for the beginners, who have just fallen in love with aviation and are making their first steps towards the sky, to complex programmes for aerobatic...

Lithuanian Aviation Museum
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The Lithuanian Aviation Museum formerly known as the Lithuanian Technical Museum was founded on February 19, 1990, on the base of the Vytautas Magnus Military Museum section of Technical History. It acquired its present name on February 1, 1995. Its director is Algis Lapinskas. The museum is within the jurisdiction of the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture and is located in Kaunas, Lithuania at the Darius and Girenas airfield which has been in operation since 1915. The museum's collection contains more than 14,000 exhibits, including 35 aircraft and gliders as well as a 16,000 volume library. Two branches of the museum...

Lithuanian pilots: Steponas Darius and Stasys Girenas
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Steponas Darius and Stasys Girenas were Lithuanian pilots (USA citizens) that made a significant flight in the history of world's aviation. On 15th July, 1933, they flew over the Atlantic Ocean, covering a distance of 3,984 miles (6,411 kilometres) without any landing in 37 hours, 11 minutes. As far as the distance of non-stop flights was concerned, their result ranked second after that of R. Boardman and J. Polan, and it ranked fourth in terms of duration of being in the sky at the time. Though Darius and Girenas had no navigation equipment and flew under unfavourable weather conditions, the...

The 1999 triumph thunderbird sport
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"Yes!" I thought when I first read about the addition of the Sport model to the classic Thunderbird line, "This is the Triumph I have been waiting for." You can believe that when the good folks at Cycle Parts Triumph in Eugene, Oregon graciously offered me a chance to test ride a new Thunderbird Sport, I accepted with alacrity. This is a hard motorcycle to classify. Some call it a cruiser, or sport cruiser, because of its classic appearance (although...