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A masterpiece of subtle literary meaning

Nabokov has crafted here a work so brilliant it deserves to be put side by side with all the classics of western literary tradition. He towers above the rest with a literary style that can only be described as breathtaking.
I will not bother to respond to the idea of Lolita as pornography or as a book of paedophilia. It is a topic not worthy of discussing.

The literary allusions in Lolita are so rich and subtle that a reader can reread Lolita dozens of times and still find fresh material to marvel at. Perhaps one of the most directly readable of the Modernist authors, Vladimir Nabokov combines here a dazzling virtuoso performance of literary meaning. Though no master of languages or literature yet, I caught the few simple allusions to Poe, and am tracking down the rest slowly. Lolita is truly a book of multiple meanings, a book that transfigures and transforms, remakes and enlightens in a way subtle and profound.

A glorious work of a maestro in his prime, Lolita ought to be required reading simply for the lush beauty of its prose.

Lankomumo reitingas

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