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Have You Considered a Butterfly Wedding?
Many people who are contemplating getting married will never have heard of a butterfly wedding. Having never heard of the concept, it’s no surprise that they will never have considered having one! A butterfly wedding can create a truly memorable and colourful experience for both the bride and groom. In simple terms at a butterfly wedding, dozens of butterflies are let free at the end of the wedding. This is a fantastic alternative to the traditional throwing of rice or confetti. A butterfly wedding can be a unique way to celebrate this very special day. If you are thinking of having a butterfly wedding, it is a relatively simple process to organise. You can buy the butterflies from any butterfly farm many of which can be found online. When you have placed your order, the butterflies are air expressed to you overnight so that they arrive on your wedding day. Every precaution is taken to ensure that the butterflies are shipped safely and so that no damage to them occurs. The butterflies are shipped in a specially designed box with the perfect living environment. At the ceremony, once the package is opened and the butterflies are exposed to the light and heat, they will come to life and fly away! It is as easy at that. The costs involved with a butterfly wedding can vary. At today’s prices it will cost approximately $90 per one dozen butterflies. Most of the farms that supply these butterflies send Monarch and/or painted lady butterflies. These are two of the most beautiful species of butterfly you will find. The butterflies are shipped full grown, and ready to take off the moment they are exposed to the light. This makes for a fuss free release of the butterflies. It is just as simple as throwing rice or confetti and twice as beautiful. If you are looking for a new, unique way to celebrate your Wedding day, then you need look no further than a butterfly wedding. They are becoming more and more popular throughout the country. Contact a butterfly farm today for more details.

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2. Wedding Gowns – After the Event
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4. Wedding Planning – Do It Yourself…
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6. How to Create the Perfect Wedding Planning Checklist
7. 4 Basic Steps to Begin Your Wedding Planning
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