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Bill Gates and other communists

When CNET asked Bill Gates about software patents, he shifted the subject to "intellectual property," blurring the issue with various other laws. Then he said anyone who won't give blanket support to all these laws is a communist. Since I'm not a communist but I have criticized software patents, I got to thinking this might be aimed at me. When someone uses the term "intellectual property," typically he's either confused himself, or trying to confuse you.

Wi-Fi overtakes Ethernet for home networks

Wi-Fi now rules the roost, according to a new research report concluding that wireless technology has gained a slight edge over Ethernet cables in US home networks. The survey, by research firms Parks Associates, found that 52 percent of US households with a home network were using wireless technology, compared with 50 percent for Ethernet and about 5 percent for power line networking via electrical wires.

Worm plays games with victims

A worm that plays video game Tetris with victims as it attempts to further contaminate networks has infected a small number of PCs, antivirus firm Sophos warned Wednesday. The worm, known as Cellery.A, uses a playable version of the Russian video game to attract victims. While people play Tetris, the worm attempts to spread to networked hard drives and other accessible systems on a company's network that use the Microsoft Windows operating system, the firm stated in an advisory. "If...

McAfee Launches SiteDigger 2.0 - program, which checks sites for their vulnerabilities

Using Google's search index has a tool, McAfee has launched SiteDigger 2.0, a utility designed to locate human error information vulnerabilities that can show up in search engines. SiteDigger checks for errors against 7 defined categories, ensuring data leaks are kept to a minimum. The categories that SiteDigger checks in order to protect site privacy are: back-up files, configuration mistakes, remote administrator interface, error messages, public vulnerabilities, and technology profile.

iWork productivity software targets Microsoft's Office

SAN FRANCISCO - Apple Computer announced its iWork '05 productivity software suite as part of a cavalcade of products putting it on a collision course with Microsoft and its Office suite. Apple chief Steve Jobs announced iWork '05 on Tuesday at the Macworld trade show. The $79 package includes Pages, a new word processing program developed by Apple, and an updated version of Keynote, a slideshow application Apple introduced two years ago. The company also introduced the $499 Mac Mini,...

Troy-horses infects Windows Media files?

Video files appear that download malicious application when they are run. These files are .wmv files infected by Trj/WmvDownloader.A and Trj/WmvDownloader.B, two Trojans that take advantage of a new technology incorporated in Microsoft Windows Media player to install spyware, adware and dialers, as well as computer viruses. PandaLabs has detected the appearance of two new Trojans, Trj/WmvDownloader.A and Trj/WmvDownloader.B, which are spreading through P2P networks in video files.

Taiwan police seize 60,000 suspect AMD CPUs

Based on tips provided by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Taiwan, the police Friday raided an electronics company located in Tainan, southern Taiwan, and seized a total of 60,000 suspect AMD CPUs, according to the police and sources at AMD Taiwan. The suspect AMD CPUs, including K7 and K8 models, were defective CPUs that would normally have been destroyed. However, market sources said that the CPUs might have been stolen from one of AMD’s three packaging and testing plants in Asia...

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IDC: 3 future technologies

According to IDC's recently published research, we have top 3 technologies for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market. "The current ICT industry structure is inefficient and highly fragmented with numerous players competing in each market segment. At the same time, disruptive innovations continue to shift and re-define competitive markets. Given the imminent pressures on profits due to a combination of moderating industry growth worldwide, and intense global competition, industry consolidation will accelerate over the coming years as the industry...

Windows XP SP2 Firewall shows your files and printers to every Internet user

After you set up Windows Firewall in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), you may discover that anyone on the Internet can access resources on your computer when you use a dial-up connection to connect to the Internet. For example, after creating an exception in Windows Firewall for File and Printer Sharing, you may discover that anyone can access shared files and printers.

phpBB Attachment Mod: new vulnerabilities discovered

Due to two new discovered vulnerabilities and the release of phpBB 2.0.11 a new attachment mod version has been released. Please update your Attachment Mod to version 2.3.11 as soon as possible. You are able to use the changed files only package, if you haven't modified any attachment mod files or the patch file package if you are familiar with patch files. For all others the normal package should be sufficient. Please read the provided documentation.

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