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Architecture in Lithuania

The architecture of the cities of Lithuania is like a mirror which contains a reflection of our history. The brick and walled castles of the Middle Ages comprise the oldest surviving monuments of Lithuanian architecture, attesting to the austere periods of the founding of the state. From the 14th century onwards, architecture began to be shaped by European traditions. All the styles of Europe, one after the other, reached the country, sometimes belatedly. In the 14th century, there was the early Gothic style, exemplified by the castle of the rulers in Trakai. In the 15th century, the late Gothic style...

A History of British Architecture

Architecture is about evolution, not revolution. It used to be thought that once the Romans pulled out of Britain in the fifth century, their elegant villas, carefully-planned towns and engineering marvels like Hadrian's Wall simply fell into decay as British culture was plunged into the Dark Ages. It took the Norman Conquest of 1066 to bring back the light, and the Gothic cathedral-builders of the Middle Ages played an important part in the revival of British culture. However, the truth is not as simple as that. Romano-British culture - and that included architecture along with language, religion, political organisation and...