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The Reports of the Magicians & Astrologers of Nineveh & Babylon

WHEN the Moon appears on the first day, there will be silence, the land will be satisfied. When the day is long according to its calculation, there will be a long reign. From Bullutu. When the Moon appears on the first day, there will be silence, the land will be satisfied. This is for Nisan and ishri (?). When the Moon is regularly full, the crops of the land will prosper, the king will go to pre-eminence. May Ashur, Shamash, Nabu, and Marduk, day after day, month after month, year after year, grant happiness, health, joy, and exultation, a secure...

Developers of Indian Astrology - by E K Dhilip Kumar

In India, astrology was taught in the Gurukula system where the master spoke directly to the students. While this system had many advantages, one main drawback was that information was rarely recorded. TheMaster taught the secrets of astrology only to the best students. And so it happened that some of the important knowledge was lost forever as it cascaded down from Master to the student. Sage Garga, Viddha Garga, Asite, Aryabhatta the mathematical genius, Sage Brighu the author of Brighu Sutram, Brihaspati(Guru), Badarayana, Kapila, Kashyappa, Manu, Manitha, Maharshi Parasara, Satyacharya, Varahamihira, Battotpala the commentator on Brihat Jataka, Prithyuyasa, Vaidyanatha Dikshitar...

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Astrology and the Law of Karma - by E K Dhilip Kumar

Ancient astrology preached that heavenly bodies andthe stars have an impact on happenings on earth at both gross and subtlelevels. Sir Isaac Newton also was of the opinion that every particle in theUniverse affects every other particle. The 3rd law "Each and every actionhas an equal and opposite reaction", which means that action and reactionare equal. This is the rule of the material world too. The theory of Karma, which is based on action, is themain theory used to explain why a particular person goes through certainexperiences in this life that may not be what he/she had desired for. Everygood...

Famous Predictions - by E K Dhilip Kumar

Maharshi Parasara was the father of Sage Vyasa ofMahabharata fame. Sage Veda Vyasa was the author of Bhagavad Gita and SrimadBhagavatam, two important books of ancient India. We are told that once whiletravelling in a boat on the river Jamuna, Maharshi Parasara while doing somecalculations in astrology, suddenly noted a favourable time for union. He foundout that if he united with any woman at a particular time on that day, a childof extra-ordinary brilliance would be born. Since he was not married and sincethe time was fast approaching, he had no other choice than to ask the boatmanto suggest him...

History of Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology is an ancient perspective on our modern lives. It comes from the ancient Oriental art of divination and character reading. The first cycle of this zodiac was introduced in 2637 B-C by the Emperor Huang Ti. This specific language was developed as the Chinese writing system was emerging, and was joined with the Oriental philosophy. Some fascinating insights into a persons character, emotion and lifestyle can be revealed when using Chinese astrology as a medium. The roots of this interpretive of astrology are deeply based on the philosophy of Confucius (a famous Chinese philosopher) and the Yi Jing...

Astrology - Celestial phenomena, and terrestrial incidents - by E K Dhilip Kumar

Exploring thyself has always been afascinating subject to mankind, and Astrology is one such science that analysesyour past, defines your present and predicts your future. For some it's just a pass time, for some itis a serious science and for some it is just a mode of revenue. Whatever be theperception, Astrology is undoubtedly the only science that predicts human lifepattern, depending upon the faraway heavenly bodies. Jataka: This is the study of the diagrammaticrepresentation of the positions of the planets depending upon your time, dateand place of birth. This chart, normally referred to as natal chart orhoroscope or Janma...

Astrology’s past, present and future

Astrology is not a movie unfolding your past, presentand future with all its details, colours and sound effects. No, it is not evena predictive science that hands over your key to success. It is just a scienceof probabilities, within certain limited possibilities. The study is similar to statistics. The predictionscan or more precisely might happen if the person assists the event to takeplace. He cannot just sit in his closed house and expect things to happen on itsown accord. Astrology can only show you the road tosuccess, and warn you about your accident zone. Now, making use of the acquiredinformation...

Indian Astrology

Indian Astrology. There is a perpetual debate concerning the antiquity of Indian astrology between those who claim that it evolved several thousand years B.C. and those who claim that all astronomy and astrology was imported into India as a result of contact with the Greeks after the invasions of Alexander (4th c B.C.). This is not an easy issue to resolve for, not only is Indian civilisation very ancient, at least as old as Mesopotamian, but the Indians never kept recorded histories. However, at present the balance of evidence stands with those who say that the Greeks were responsible for...

Sexual fantasies and inner meanings

Dreams and fantasies have been part of humancivilisation all along the way, and always proven to be an interesting subjectto analyse and interpret. Psychologists argue that fantasies are the thoughtsthat arise and fade in our subconscious mind. And when it come sexualfantasies, no man can pretend that he hasn’t fantasised about a group sex, orabout raping someone or about having rude sex! Psychologists believe that, "by understandingthe logic and purpose of our sexual fantasies, we may also understand ourpersonalities." The starting point of fantasies is that sex happens in ourheads. Its mysteries – why we are attracted to certain people,...

Astrology in Britain Before the Normans

There is a general assumption amongst historians and astrologers that Britain was an astrological backwater in Medieval times, and that astrology only flourished after the twelfth century with the rediscovery of classical learning. Like all general historical assumptions this deserves to be challenged, and my purpose in this article is to show that although Anglo-Saxon England contained little that we would recognise as either astrology or astronomy, it may have contained the seed which was later to produce some of the finest astrological minds in Europe. My argument is that in England before the Norman Conquest of 1066 there existed...