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Exotic Bird Farms

Exotic bird farms may consist of a few aviaries in the backyard, a few cages in a room or basement, or many cages in a separate building or outdoors. Aviculturists representing most of these examples have made application to and become certified by MAP. The goals of these individual aviculturists, or bird farmers, are quite varied. Some have small collections of very rare and expensive birds. They wish to maintain these birds in good health, and perhaps they may breed. Youngsters might be held back for future stock, or be sold or traded. Although income from these...

What is a Bad Petstore?

In a perfect world, exotic birds would not be held captive in pet stores or in our homes. They would be free to fly in their native homelands, breeding, raising their own chicks, and living as nature intended. The greed of the pet trade has resulted in these wild, intelligent animals being kept in cages as "pets", which causes them unforgivable stress and frustrations. Many of us became aware of the problems facing captive exotic birds by discovering particularly disgraceful pet stores keeping birds in egregious conditions. Ideally, pet stores would never sell animals, only supplies. ...