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China Search Alliance accelerates expansion to meet Google's penetration into China

China Search Alliance, a combination of more than 200 Internet portals, accelerated its expansion to meet the upcoming challenge from the global search giant, which is expected to officially launch its service in China this year. The Alliance will sign a strategic partnership agreement with NASDAQ-listed SINA, the most popular Internet portal in China, on search collaboration, while talks with another leading domestic portal is also on-going, Zheng Tienan, chief official of China Search Alliance, told Interfax in an...

Treating Emotional Allergies In Pets And Their Owners

Although contested by some, it is obvious to those who live with and love animals, that animals have emotions. Animal emotions can be considered in the same categories as those of humans: grief, love, anger, disgust, fear, etc., although their issues within those categories may be different from human issues. In general, emotional issues of animals, in our clinical experience, have fallen into two main categories: Health (their own health, that of the other pets in the family, or of...

Exotic Bird Farms

Exotic bird farms may consist of a few aviaries in the backyard, a few cages in a room or basement, or many cages in a separate building or outdoors. Aviculturists representing most of these examples have made application to and become certified by MAP. The goals of these individual aviculturists, or bird farmers, are quite varied. Some have small collections of very rare and expensive birds. They wish to maintain these birds in good health, and perhaps they may breed. Youngsters might be held back for future stock, or be sold or traded. Although income from these...

May 2004: Time for Agrobalt. Again. 13 years of success in succession.

On 4 February 2004 Jeronimas Kraujelis, the Lithuanian Minister of Agriculture, and Rita Hopfner, Director of a German-based company IFWexpo organising the exhibition AgroBalt, signed the Agreement of Cooperation in organising the 13th International Trade Fair for Agriculture, Food Stuff and Packaging Industry. The Minister has emphasized that the exhibition is to be held on 6-9 May, when Lithuania is expected to be a full-fledged member of the EU. Thus, exhibition is going to represent agriculture and food industry of the already bigger EU. The exhibition of such a scale and importance is the only one in the Baltic States,...

This year “AgroBalt” is not only production, but also fun

Marijampolė, May 04. 380 participants from 21 countries will introduce their expositions and stands in International Food and Agricultural Trade Exhibition “AgroBalt 2004” that begins on May 6. Total area of exhibition is about 10,500 sq. m. About a quarter of exhibition participants are foreign companies, which plan to make first contacts for their further activities in Lithuania. A lot of famous and less known Lithuanian enterprises, associations and other organisations participate in the exhibition: “Achema”, “Arvi kalakutai”, “Čečetos prekyba”, “Danisco Sugar”, “Krekenavos agrofirma”, “Lietuviškas midus”, “Samsonas”, Lithuanian Agricultural and Food Produce Market Regulation Agency, associations of Lithuanian Food Industry,...

Nuclear power energetics in Russia lives out its days

Evgeny Adamov, a minister for Atomic energy sighed a decree about power decrease of atomic electric power stations. This measure was caused by the great debts of the Russian joint-stock company?Power Grid of Russia (RAO UES). The amount of the debt is 13 milliard rubles. It makes the repair operations, the security of the station and the charge with nuclear fuel impossible, Ria-Novosti reports. Many atomic electric power station of Russia has already decreased their power. In general atomic power engineering of Russia in its present form is living the rest of its days. It was already announced by

Nuclear energy for peace: the birth of nuclear energetics

The birthday of nuclear energetics can be defined with different dates. The first reactor that was used to generate electric energy was the EBR (Experimental Breeder Reactor) in the United States. This reactor, contrary to the types mentioned earlier, was a so called fast reactor. The fuel was 94% enriched uranium, while the coolant was a mixture of liquid sodium and potassium. The EBR was put into operation in 1951 and 200 kW out of its 1400 kW thermal power was utilized: the lighting of one of the buildings of the National Reactor Testing Station in Idaho was supplied using...

European Economic Integration: Benefits and Challenges for Lithuania

I am very pleased to welcome you at the annual international scientific conference of Vytautas Magnus University. The reason for my excitement is not only for it is already the seventh conference, but also because it has a strong European dimension. It deals with innovations in economy and management, i.e. a topic that is of major importance not only for Lithuania, but also for the enlarged European Union and for the entire world. Europe and innovation. Today, the name of the old continent is not necessarily associated with the top leadership in research and development or new business practices on...

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Foreign Minister Handles Ratification Documents of EU Accession Treaty to Italian Ambassador

On 23 September, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania Antanas Valionis handled the ratification documents of the EU Accession Treaty to Bernardo Uguccioni, Ambassador of the Italian Republic, currently holding presidency over the EU. According to the Minister, by this symbolic ceremony Lithuania enters the last stage of accession into the EU. During the ceremony, Minister Valionis thanked Italy and the other 14 EU member states, which had adopted the historic decision to enlarge the EU and backed up Lithuania’s candidature.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Participates in EU - US Meeting

On 26 September, Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Antanas Valionis participated in the meeting of foreign ministers from the EU member states and candidate countries with US Secretary of State Colin Powell. The countries exchanged their opinions and proposals on the topical issues of international security, including the crises in the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and their components. The chiefs of EU and US diplomacies also spoke about the European security strategy and the Cyprus issue.