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EU-wide communication network to be upgraded

The European Commission has launched a call for tender for the provision of s-TESTA, a new secure communications network for the exchange of electronic data between public administrations across Europe. The new platform will replace the existing TESTA II network in mid-2005. The objective of s-TESTA (“Secured Trans-European Services for Telematics between Administrations”) is to offer a secured, reliable and managed trans-European communications platform allowing information to be securely exchanged between EU and EEA Member States’ national administrations and European Institutions and Agencies. The platform, based on a dedicated, private infrastructure, will by default provide at least one secured access...

China Sets up New Telecom Commission

Recently, China communication companies association stated that communication network operation and maintenance commission has been set up under approval of Ministry of Information Industry and Ministry of Civil Affairs. This is the eighth commission founded by the association. According to Ge Lei, director of the commission, it is an intermediate service agent, which will serve communication business and communication companies. What is more, the commission will turn to be a bridge for government and operating companies, operating companies and manufacturing companies and operating companies and maintenance companies.

China's Optical Communications Market Recovers

The optical communications market in China has pulled out of a slowdown and got back onto a firm footing in the first half of the year, according to Wang Lei, senior analyst with CCID, a consulting firm shored up by the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry. CCID predicted that the mainland optical fiber and cable market will grow by 5 per cent to 10 per cent in 2004 compared with one year earlier, basing on the fact that domestic telecom carriers were stepping up competition and building backbone networks one after another. CCID anticipated fiercer competition in the market this...

Demystify WAN link monitoring

In today’s network environment, WAN monitoring has different meanings to different people. For some, WAN monitoring is simple router queries to monitor link utilization on an ad hoc basis. For others, WAN monitoring means a distributed set of remote-monitoring agents and probes that collect and send comprehensive link statistics to a central server that stores, analyzes and displays the data. Still others view WAN monitoring as something only done during troubleshooting, where a portable device is used to capture packets “on the line” in real-time. Typical enterprise WAN networks use multiple interface types. In-line analyzers must support all these interfaces...

Sharing network analysis equipment

The most widespread method for managing network monitoring is through the use of analysis equipment, such as probes and sniffers. These devices perform a variety of critical tasks–from analyzing network traffic and troubleshooting application performance to detecting security concerns. In general, sniffers are used to “reactively” troubleshoot the network. Support staff should be able to quickly attach a sniffer to the network to resolve a problem. Probes “proactively” maintain the network with intelligent data-capture abilities. Some of the more simple versions of these devices use a command-line interface and dump captured data to the administrator’s computer screen. Through a GUI...

What is the best tool?

Keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) technology has been a part of the network infrastructure for the past two decades, with the devices evolving into a more expansive role within the data center. When evaluating approaches, analog vs. digital solutions are an important consideration. Larger organizations with multiple locations may have more network resources and may benefit from both analog and digital KVM access, whereas small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) may only need onsite access and therefore require only analog KVM access. For a digital KVM solution to operate at peak performance, significant bandwidth is vital.

VoIP equipment and services

The TR1034 series of intelligent fax boards offers enterprise customers a line of high-performance 33.6-Kbps intelligent fax boards with real-time fax-over-IP capabilities. The boards are useful in a variety of computer-based fax applications, such as network fax, fax broadcast, unified messaging and business-process automation. The products support both IP and PSTN network connectivity. For IP network connectivity, the TR1034 digital T-1/E-1 offers an additional Ethernet interface and supports real-time fax over IP via the T.38 protocol and SIP call control. For PSTN-based faxing, a number of analog, BRI and PRI configurations are available, which are compatible with all 33-MHz and...

Do phone users want their m(obile) TV?

A reality show or soap opera on your mobile phone? This is the vision of top telecommunications firms, hoping that in 2006 consumers will start to sign up for new phones that can receive digital television signals. Some executives predict that full-fledged television could be the biggest mobile hit since voice calls. "Mobile TV is actually the most important application beyond voice and messaging in phones," said Andrew Cole, a vice president for consultancy A.T. Kearney. He said U.S. users alone will spend $30 billion annually on mobile TV, money that will go to telecommunications operators, equipment makers and broadcasters....

North Korea targets cell-phone 'spies'--report

TOKYO--North Korea is cracking down on the use of mobile phones in border areas in a bid to stop smuggling and "spy activities," Japan's Kyodo news agency said on Monday. Citing a document obtained by a Japanese non-governmental organization, Kyodo said Pyongyang had defined political textbooks and state-determined price lists for everyday goods as contraband, alongside rare metals and agricultural produce. Transmission of confidential information, providing information about the whereabouts of people, or assisting in the delivery of letters to foreigners are defined as spy activities in the document, Kyodo said. "Some residents have contacts with people in neighboring countries...

Cisco slips in key router market

Routing leader Cisco Systems slipped in an area key to its overall networking dominance, while rival Juniper Networks scooped up a larger share of that growing market. Market statistics for the third quarter of calendar 2004 have been tallied, and several market research firms are reporting that Cisco is losing market share, especially at the high end. Cisco indicated as much when it reported earnings earlier this month. For the third quarter, Cisco's market share dipped to 58 percent, down from 72 percent during the same quarter of the previous year, according to Infonetics Research. Juniper's market share shot up...