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Nobel laureate rings energy alarm bell

Richard Smalley, a Rice University professor who won a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996, is calling on the United States to mount a multibillion-dollar campaign to fund research into alternative energy or else face the consequences. "It may be a greater challenge for us than the Cold make it possible for 10 billion people to live the lifestyle you are used to in a way that doesn't cause unacceptable impacts on the environment," he told an audience of...

Lithuania - Economic Reforms

Privatization occurred at a rapid rate in the 1992-94 period (especially with respect to farmland, housing, and small enterprises), and about half of the large and medium-size enterprises scheduled for privatization were sold through public share offerings. The Law on Initial Privatization of State Property of the Republic of Lithuania, passed in early 1991 and amended several times in 1993 (primarily with regard to land reform and restitution), served as the principal basis for undertaking privatization. To start the process, the law authorized the issuance of investment vouchers to residents of Lithuania, to be used for the purchase of housing...