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  Feng Shui
Feng Shui: Introduction To Feng Shui

Feng Shui teaches us how to create harmony and balance around us. Literally translated from Chinese, Feng Shui means wind and water. Put simply, Feng Shui is the art and science of capturing chi with water and moving it with wind. As we delve a little deeper into Feng Shui, we can see the oneness and interconnectedness of all things on all levels and dimensions. As we begin to grasp this concept, we find that it is possible to look at our environments with larger eyes. We can see if an entrance is constricted and dark, or open and light;...

Feng Shui: Feng Shui in the bedroom

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is ancient design philosophy. When you care enough to change your future, you’ll care enough to read on and roll up your sleeves! Most Feng Shui principals are common sense, so be prepared to ‘clear' and ’Create” before you ‘add’ anything. Since we spend many hours in our bedroom, more than we do in any other room. Your personal focus should begin IN THE BEDROOM to create Serenity, auspicious circumstances and opportunities and imminent growth. Let’s start to create Serenity with The Door and the Greeter The door is where the energy (or Chi) enters...

Vastu and Feng Shui: The difference between Vastu and Feng Shui

Our home, our domain. The one safe retreat for us when we are hurt, upset or threatened. Nothing can happen to us there. So imagine someone coming and telling that your haven can cause miseries, especially if you keep certain wrong things in the wrong direction? Yet that's what people are being told today, making them change everything they have so far been used to. Because with the economical and cultural globalisation, the Chinese Feng Shui has entered also Indian homes. Suddenly everything that was previously done was pooh-poohed. Everything, right from the pictures in your house to your sleeping...

Feng Shui: How karma and luck are connected to Feng Shui

In today’s world, Feng Shui has fast entered the mainstream of practical information about alternative guidance. Authentic Feng Shui dating back 3500 years is timeless but so relevant in our contemporary lifestyles and business environments. A more harmonious interaction between people and their personal space is essential in this new millineum of thinking and living but more importantly, Feng Shui is all about life fulfillment. Large corporations are investing in this expertise in order to have a leading edge. They see Feng Shui as another unique way to handle the luck factor. End users of this art seeking to find...

Feng Shui: Opening the Door to Qi

The flow of qi is like a river. Water invigorates and water calms a person. Standing and watching the flow of water brings immense enjoyment to the onlooker. But the enjoyment of being invigorated and refreshed by the cooling qualities of the water can only be felt by being in the water. Physically enjoying the water is far greater than visually enjoying the view. We say we enjoy the invigorating water that the river contains. But if we do not jump in and feel the water swirling and flowing past us while we are floating in its midst, how can...

Feng Shui: Back to Nature

For a moment let us picture a scene of vibrant Mother Nature in her original colours and landforms. Go back into time when a hill is a hill; a mountain is a mountain; a river is a river; a tree is a tree; a plain is a plain. Imagine no motorways crisscrossing the plains; no city silhouette on the skyline; no speedboats or ferries clogging up the waterways; no roads winding up or down mountain slopes; no concrete buildings where once a hill stood. Imagine the Garden of Eden where beauty of nature is appreciated in its truest form. But...

Feng Shui: A Brief Introduction to Vaastu

The word Vaastu means a dwelling. Vaastu Shilpa means the science of house building. The science of house building is very ancient in India. The knowledge has come down from creator Brahma through an unbroken succession of sages. According to the Vishwakarma Vaastu Shastra, the celestial architect Lord Brahma got a thorough knowledge of his science from Lord Shiva. The present day Vaastu owes its origin mainly to 125 verses contained in Brihat Sanhita of Varahamihira. We are presently below a simplified summary of Vaastu principles. The Vaastu Shastra in itself is too detailed to be presented at a single...

Feng Shui: What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra (or short just Vastu) is the Indian science of space and architecture and how we may create spaces and environment that supports physical & spiritual health and prosperity. Vastu Shastra evolved during Vedic times in India. The concepts of Vastu Shastra was transferred to Tibet, South East Asia and finally to China and Japan where it provided the base for the development of what is now known as Feng Shui. Vastu Shastra is the art and science of designing houses, offices, temples etc that swirl with good energy. Indian Maharajas and Moghul Emperors used Vastu Shastra when they...

Feng Shui: Mathematical Harmony in the Solar System?

Saturn rounds the sun in 29.45800 years. This low rhythm - one beat is equivalent to more than 29 years - is positioned exactly on step minus 227 in the series. Jupiter makes its round in 11.86178 years and end up very close to step minus 217. To be able to compare such low numbers in relation to each other and perhaps also to faster rhythms and to see how precisely they fit into the steps, one must for a moment consider them as completely real and from each one of them, with the help of the factor 23/21, 'go...

Feng Shui and the Spirit of Change

There is a new spirit of change evolving around us called Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway). This ancient Chinese philosophy of creating harmonious environments is now becoming almost a household word with even Donald Trump talking about the use of Feng Shui for his New York high rises. TV, newspaper, magazines, radio , and books all abound with this latest and hottest new fad; or is Feng Shui something more permanent? Let us first explore what it is. Feng Shui teaches us how to create harmony and balance around us. We say "as goes our environment so goes us" and...