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Driven Wild Boar Hunting - Lithuania

We can arrange for small groups or individuals looking to take guns up for this shoot and join a party and are delighted to offer 2 dates. It is an early start after a healthy breakfast followed by a safety briefing and some target practice. We aim to be at the first drive by 7.30am. You are driven to your peg and the drive begins. These drives will take some time as the beaters push the game towards the line, your reactions will need to be sharp as the Wild Boar break cover at great speed. When the light fades...

Hunting in Sweden

Preparing the game in the best possible way is also part of the experience, which might be cooking a joint of venison or preparing a fox skin. A certain amount of hunting is also necessary in order to restrict the amount of damage wildlife can cause on the roads as well as in the forest and to crops. The hunting season in Sweden runs primarily through autumn and winter (August-February). Hunting together is a way of socialising and dates back from time immemorial. Relaxing by the camp fire after a hunting session is one of the highpoints of the day...

Russian walrus hunting: history of crisis in the 19th century

The interest towards the walrus studies in academic circles all over the world be­came obvious quite recently. Numerous biological and historical publications have appeared lately. The aim of this paper is to describe the changing role of the walrus hunting in the local economy of the Russian North area. The Russian walrus hunting in the North Atlantic Arctic started in the early 16th century and had more than a three hundred years history. We focused on the final stage of this process at the first half of the 19th century as which was the time of deep crisis of the...