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Pubic Hair Shave Fashion – What's Hot?

Pubic hair shave is not a taboo any more. It seems like all women are shaving pubic hair. It is not an unusual phenomenon which is attributed only to models and athletes any more. Find out why pubic hair shave is so popular and what the hot pubic hair shave fashion is nowadays. There are two trends that are definitely the most popular of all pubic female shaving styles. The first one is the Brazilian Bikini wax. In this pubic hair shaving method all the pubic hair is being shaved. It is recommended to have a professional to Brazilian Bikini...

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Female Masturbation: Masturbation History

I know what your thinking, strange title for an article on masturbation! Not as strange as you might think. Most of us sit down each morning and munch on our favorite breakfast cereal without a thought of how those little flakes of bran and corn came into being. Even less of us know that many masturbation myths can be directly linked to the humble breakfast cereal. The two are linked in more ways than you might imagine, read on and find out how... Many of you will be familiar with Graham Crackers but not many with the thinking that lead...

The Female Orgasm: Still a Mystery to Many

An orgasm is an emotional and physical experience that occurs during a “sexual response cycle”. Before an orgasm, the body becomes increasingly excited. Breathing, heart rate and blood pressure increases. The pupils of the eyes dilate; the lips of the mouth darken, the nipples become erect, the clitoris swells and becomes hard and exposed, (much like the aroused penis). With increased excitement, the skin becomes flushed and it begins to sweat. In women, the labia, clitoris, vagina and pelvic organs enlarge in very much the same way as the aroused penis enlarges. Sometimes there is a plateau of excitement that...

Female Orgasm – 3 Great Positions For Maximum Pleasure!

There are three positions that almost insure a long and pleasurable female orgasm. Do not attempt any of the three without adequate foreplay (or the cunnilingus as above). The first position has many names, but as mentioned in the Perfumed Garden (a classic Arabic text from the golden age of Arabic Literature), it is called Dok-al-Arz, or “pounding on the spot”. This position assures 3 important factors in copulation. The first is depth of the penis. The second is the “G-Spot angle” and the third is maximum clitoral stimulation. To achieve this position the man sits on the edge of...

Different Types of Orgasm

Regular Orgasm. Factual explanation: An orgasm in which climax is the goal. The climax is usually a series of ten to twelve contractions over several seconds. This climax is commonly called "going over the edge." The climax feels extremely good, though brief, and there is often a physical and mental letdown period immediately afterwards. It can be an effective tension release, and, of course, it can create a sense of bonding with your partner. Feeling explanation: There you were on the dance floor. Suddenly, the DJ played your favorite song. Your partner swept you into his arms, and the two...

More Common Ideas About The Female Orgasm

Myth 1: women take longer to reach orgasm than men. This is a common myth which has not been supported by research. The reason people believe this is that they don't understand the female arousal pattern. Women's arousal patterns are much different than men's and, as a result, they are physically prepared for intercourse later than men are. The time from optimal arousal to orgasm is pretty much identical for both men and women. The difference is in how long it takes to reach that level of arousal. Because men often don't know how to help their partners get to...

Revolutionary Paradigm Shift in our Understanding of the Purpose of Female Pleasure

The question is how? So what actually happens during a female orgasm and what are the detailed mechanics that would cause to maximize the likelihood of pregnancy? Before we can answer this question, we have to be precise about the language and clarify which female orgasm we are talking about. Namely, it turns out, unlike men, women can have many forms of orgasms. They are usually classified as vaginal, clitoral and blended orgasms, which the combination of the two. Now let’s just make clear that in the context of biological purpose and while discussing the mechanics of an orgasm, we...

The Mystique of Female Orgasm

In the history of western cultures, nothing has greater mystique than women's sexuality and, specifically, female desire and female orgasm. Although we are gradually progressing beyond the age-old notion that women are not supposed to have sexual pleasures (but merely be the willing vehicle for men's indulgences), many women are still uncomfortable owning and enjoying their sexual pleasures, desires, fantasies, and sources of erotic satisfaction. Women experience their orgasmic potential in many ways, and this potential is almost as varied as each individual. However, in this culture, we often have a stereotyped image of what a woman's orgasm "should" look...

Female orgasm: "What's genetics got to do with it?"

Are surveys the same as science? Well, at least they often form the basis on which research is conducted. Okay. Here's the setup. A team of investigators in England got 4037 completed answers from 6000 female twins to a confidential questionnaire about how often they achieved orgasm during intercourse and masturbation...including replies from 683 pairs of non-identical twins and 714 pairs of identical twins aged from 19 to 83 (about 3% were lesbian or bisexual). The conclusion is that 1/3 of women are genetically preprogrammed not to achieve orgasm or to achieve it very rarely--and that this proves it's not...

The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm by Anne Koedt (1970)

Whenever female orgasm and frigidity are discussed, a false distinction is made between the vaginal and the clitoral orgasm. Frigidity has generally been defined by men as the failure of women to have vaginal orgasms. Actually the vagina is not a highly sensitive area and is not constructed to achieve orgasm. It is the clitoris which is the center of sexual sensitivity and which is the female equivalent of the penis. I think this explains a great many things: First of all, the fact that the so-called frigidity rate among women is phenomenally high. Rather than tracing female frigidity to...