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  Mobile communication
Bioelectromagnetics Research

Developments in radio engineering technology over the past decade have created striking new options in personal communication devices and systems. In addition to extremely- low-frequency (ELF) electric power fields, many millions of mobile phone users worldwide are now also exposed daily to radiofrequency fields under near-field conditions. We may expect that these newly evolved behavioral patterns will be lifelong, with intermittent exposures at the phone user's head making yet one more contribution to an already complex daily EMF exposure arising in an aggregate of multiple and disparate sources. There are important biomedical considerations associated with long term exposure to any...

Samsung's i730 w/Sliding Keyboard Revealed

Well, I can honestly say that this one caught us 100% by surprise. While attending Samsung USA's 2004 Showcase event in New York last night, I stumbled onto a number of new Samsung handsets for the US market that have yet to be announced. Samsung typically lets the networks make the product announcements, so it isn't all that unusual to find them showing a new product that nobody has officially said anything about. Samsung i730 The most interesting product, by far, was the i730. It is a CDMA 800/1900Mhz EV-DO device that runs the second edition of PocketPC 2003. An...

Mobile Communication in Small Businesses

You may not have considered the need for mobile phones in your business but have you ever needed to contact a member of staff when they are away from the premises? Have you ever needed Internet access when you do not have your desk top PC available? These are just a couple of examples but as you will find out from reading the article, mobile phones can offer you a range of solutions. Mobile phones were introduced so we could communicate when "on the move" and the capabilities have now expanded beyond their initial function for talk: you can now...

How many mobile phones does the world need?

Is it possible to live on Planet Earth without a cell phone? The answer would seem to be no, at least according to the cell-phone industry and its analysts. Tim Long, an analyst at Bank of America, in May projected that 650 million wireless handsets would be sold this year and 730 million next year. Trikon Technologies Inc., which makes equipment used in the construction of cell-phone components, said in a recent release that the worldwide handset market is "forecasted...

Smart Phones and Hybrids

As I mentioned, there are two categories of mobile phones that handle voice calls as well as e-mail, Internet browsing, and more: smart phones and hybrids. Smart phones are mobile phones that include applications for checking and receiving e-mail, text messages, and multimedia messaging. Often, smart phones also include a built-in digital camera; phone book and calendar applications that can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook on your PC; the ability to download ring tones, games, themes, and images; and so on. Unlike hybrids, smart phones typically look and feel like mobile phones, because that's their primary function. As a result, they're...

How to Buy a Wireless Phone

Few tools of modern technology have become as prevalent as the cell phone, which allows you to be in touch (almost) all the time, (almost) anywhere. And you can do more than just talk--modern phones let you send and receive e-mail and text messages, and even surf the Web. Sifting through the sea of service plans and handsets can be difficult, but we'll walk you through what you need to know to get the phone and service plan that's right...

Wayfinder Mobile Navigator for Nokia 6600 mobile phones

It is a combination of cutting edge technologies brought together in a fusion of innovative hardware, software and networking to provide a truly flexible and modern GPS navigation system running on your mobile phone. Basically you need a mobile phone (not supplied as part of the package), the Wayfinder software, a Bluetooth GPS, a GPRS mobile network calling plan (again not supplied) and a Wayfinder service license. There are two different packages available: a full "GPS bundle" and a "Software...

Iridium (satellite)

The Iridium satellite constellation is a system of 66 active communication satellites and spares around the earth. The system was originally to have 77 active satellites, and was named for the element iridium, which has atomic number 77. Iridium allows worldwide voice and data communications using handheld devices. The Iridium service once failed financially and the earth stations were shut down. Its financial failure was largely due to insufficient demand for the service, the bulkiness and cost of the handheld devices compared to cellular mobile phones, and the rise of cellular GSM roaming agreements during Iridium's decade-long construction period. The...

Are mobile phones safe?

Since World War II, there has been a massive amount of research on the biological effects of RF energy, nearly all of it funded by governments. Most of this research has involved fields at 915 and 2450 MHz, close to the frequencies used by mobile phones. But, despite early claims by cell phone makers, little of this research proves that mobile phones are safe. Few of the studies on whether RF exposure is dangerous to animal tissue have involved standard toxicology work--the sort that a chemical or a pharmaceutical company would do to gain regulatory approval for a new product....