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John Dewey - My Pedagogic Creed

I believe that all education proceeds by the participation of the individual in the social consciousness of the race. This process begins unconsciously almost at birth, and is continually shaping the individual's powers, saturating his consciousness, forming his habits, training his ideas, and arousing his feelings and emotions. Through this unconscious education the individual gradually comes to share in the intellectual and moral resources which humanity has succeeded in getting together. He becomes an inheritor of the funded capital of...

The Pedagogic Challenges of the Future

It is evident that new opportunities offered to people as described in the “Paradigm of tomorrow” require an effort from each one to adapt, particular in assembling one’s own qualities on the basis of “building blocks” of knowledge acquired at different times of life in various situations. Therefore, the society of the future will be a learning society. In Danish language the word “learning” has recently been admitted in terms like “life-long learning” and being "responsible of one’s own learning”. Hereby, a paradigm that regards education as a product or an article that simply may be bought really must be...

The necessity of education and the importance of maintaining pedagogics as an independent discipline

We can safely assume that everyone is aware that children cannot be left to fend for themselves and that they cannot become adult on their own. However, not everyone is convinced that the process of growing up and gradually growing into society requires an on-going pedagogic relationship based on more or less pronounced concepts of what it is to be a civilized human being. "It can't be allowed!" people cry when they hear that school children are carrying weapons and...

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Education of national minorities in Lithuania

Nearly all over the world humanism, democracy and civil society are recognized ideals. Powerful and independent state rests on them. Trying to assure that these ideals are met the determinant role falls on a school. Education and the level of people’s intelligence are the factors nation’s culture, its independence and abilities to manage its issues are measured upon. The Republic of Lithuania has given clear priority to education. This sphere of development is supported by the state. According to the Law on Education adopted in 1998 education is based on humanistic cultural values of a nation and the world, democratic...

Article on stopping school violence

Understanding why our children/students are resorting to physical violence in school and finding ways to stop the violence and learn to heal. Forty years ago the biggest problems in the lives of teachers and students in our school systems were things such as: gum chewing, forgetting a pencil, and excessive talking. Today, teachers and students only wish their problems were so trivial. The mention of towns like Jonesboro, Columbine, and Santee cause these same teachers and students to cringe and learn in fear. Why do our children learn in fear as apposed to forty years ago? The answer isn't always...

Library impact on children

Take your child to the library for books. What age is a good age to teach them how to find books & teaching them how to act there. The library is one of the most wonderful places anyone could go. All the different resources and knowledge you can get there is amazing. Going to the library should be a delight and a gratifying experience. The solitude and quietness there almost makes the place serene, until you happen to be there a day when someone child is screaming and running around everywhere. The use of the library is for everyone including...

Education Information: School choice vouchers

Not everyone has a choice when it comes to selecting the right schools for their children. Financial and regional considerations prevent some parents from having school choices. Public schools no longer meet the needs of all students in our multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society. Some Congressional leaders recognize this and have proposed changes to our educational policies. What are the choices? Within the public school system there are magnet and charter schools which offer more diverse curriculum. Then there are private schools run by religious groups as well as private organizations. And finally there is homeschooling which is legal in most of...

History and American education today

It would be considered a shame if a country at its height in the world suddenly fell quickly and totally into oblivion, however, America could be this country, in the near future. This nation’s historical egotism mirrors that of the Roman Empire, which fell by its total self-absorbency. America, like the Roman Empire, is a melting pot of cultural history. How sad that, like the Romans, many Americans have refused to study the mistakes of that mixed cultural history. America has become a powerful country since declaring its independence in 1776. Now, it flounders on the verge of cultural collapse,...

Student discipline: is suspension the answer?

Is student discipline as simple as suspension? What alternative solutions are there to the problem of misbehaving students? In the midst of escalating violence in our schools, many adults are calling on authorities to get tough with young trouble makers before their actions result in the type of incidents recently seen in Little Rock,Arkansas, Littleton, Colorado, and Springfield, Oregon. “Zero tolerance!” “Kick them out!” “Get rid of them before they ruin things for the rest of the kids!” These are popular sentiments heard all around us. In theory, banishing the problem before it starts sounds like a good idea. If,the first...

High school reform

This piece provides a view of the areas of the American high school system that need to be reformed in order to achieve improvement. It seems as though any time the topic of improving the American education system arises, so too do the tempers of many people lacking a proper perspective on the issue. It should be abundantly clear at this stage in the game that by not working together teachers and communities are failing to provide our nation's children with the highest quality education. Simply stated, until parents/guardians, politicians, community members and educators grasp a true understanding of the...