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Ethics: Photograph or Photo Illustration?

This morning, I photographed a teacher who had recently won a national mentorship award. Due to time constraints, I had to perform my duties during the interview, which was held in the school cafeteria. There, I set up my lighting kit, a Speedlite attached to a lightstand with an umbrella. In addition to standard headshots (safety shots), I wanted to make effective use of the surroundings. I noticed a round table behind her that I could use, if only I had some students. With the assistance of her colleagues, we located some willing students in the school library. I placed...

Beginnings of Photography

The First, the name. We owe the name "Photography" to Sir John Herschel, who first used the term in 1839, the year the photographic process became public. (*1) The word is derived from the Greek words for light and writing. Before mentioning the stages that led to the development of photography, there is one amazing, quite uncanny prediction made by a man called de la Roche (1729- 1774) in a work called Giphantie. In this imaginary tale, it was possible to capture images from nature, on a canvas which had been coated with a sticky. This surface, so the tale...

HowTo Make a Good Seapix

While there are quite a few tips and tricks I can suggest, these are the six "cardinal" rules that I think every underwater photographer should know. Even though there are nine tips in all, these six are undoubtedly the most important. Tip 1. Spend, Spend, Spend. This is one of those pearls of wisdom that is easily dispensed but hard to follow. If you are in the market for an underwater camera system, and have a serious interest in photography, max out your credit card. The old joke about "always live within your means,...