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Do You Need a Photo Printer?

A photo printer offers a handy way of developing your personal or work-related photographs right at home. Instead of paying extra to have your pictures developed at a store or professional photography center, you can manage this task yourself with the right equipment. But can you afford it? Do you want to handle the wear and tear of another printer function on your budget and schedule? Most people report easy handling of this feature on their printer. They enjoy the ease with which they can take photographs and develop them at their leisure in the privacy of their home. Over...

What is Your Favorite Printer Supply Store?

Those who have a home office and enjoy puttering around with technology may enjoy visiting various office supply stores from time to time. It can be fun to browse the latest offerings in computer equipment and printers, and you may be able to pick up a bargain in the process. Occasionally you have to buy supplies for your printer. If you purchase your own company-related office supplies, you probably order from a vendor that everyone in the company uses. Or you might pick up a few things at a local store and charge them back to the company for reimbursement....

Where to Buy a Replacement Printer Cartridge

If you are a brand-new computer owner and are just getting used to managing the printer, you will soon learn that the ink will run out and you will have to buy a replacement printer cartridge. Depending on the brand and model of printer that you use, a replacement cartridge can cost on average from $60 to close to $200. Each cartridge can provide ink for about 5,000 to 10,000 copies, depending on how many characters are printed on each page. You can sometimes find cheaper printer cartridges for sale on the Internet. But you have to be careful about...

Why Buy an HP Printer?

Many office equipment gurus believe that Hewlett Packard is the best name in computer technology. With a longstanding reputation of quality and dependability, HP has become a trademark for technological excellence. In addition, supplies and maintenance are easier to find for this brand than for others that are less well known. Sometimes you can find great deals on the Internet or at your local office supply or computer equipment store when you own an HP computer, because so many people use it that suppliers appreciate the opportunity of doing business by providing supplies on demand. An HP printer performs well...

Where to Find a Printer Ink Refill

If you are relatively new at managing a home computer or office equipment, you may be unfamiliar with where to purchase printer ink refills, especially if the company has handled this for your before. Depending on where you bought your printer, you may be able to purchase printer ink refills at the same location, possibly a computer equipment store or an office supply outlet. Another good place to look is the Internet. Start with the manufacturer’s Website to see if you can buy refills at wholesale rather than retail prices. Browse the catalog or supply lists and check to see...

Could You Use a Canon Printer?

Canon office equipment has been around for a long time. Some shoppers will buy their products for this reason. Others do so because of the quality, pricing, and reputation they have come to look for. A Canon printer promises clear, crisp copy for your printing needs. When you stop by an office supply store and check out the models on display, you will see that the sample copies are easy to read, without blurred letters or smudged paper. The printer is simple to use, requiring no special training or effort. You can browse several models that perform a variety of...

Have You Considered an Epson Printer?

An Epson printer may be just what you are looking for in the line of quality computer printing equipment. Everyone needs a printer they can rely on to produce clear, crisp copy that can go anywhere. With Epson you will get just that with no hassles or uncertainties about the final result. Epson has become a well-known brand name in the office equipment business. When you shop at one of the national office equipment chain stores, any associate can tell you that Epson offers quality printers that can compete with the best in terms of offering speed and accuracy without...

What to Look for in a Commercial Printer

If your home-based business is growing, it may be time to consider buying a commercial printer. This upgrade can be costly, so be sure to take into account a number of relevant factors before making your decision. A commercial printer can print thousands of copies in a short amount of time. Personal printers, on the other hand, typically print 12 to 18 copies per minute. While a commercial-size piece of equipment will increase the output you may have gotten used to, it also comes with a higher price tag. A typical personal printer may cost around $100, especially if it...

How to print photography by laser printer!

The installation of color laser printer is growing every year. More and more people use laser printer to print photography and complain about poor printing quality or paper jam. What is problem happening when using laser printer for photographic printing? Color saturation: Basically, the color calibration of laser printer is based on common paper (80~100 gsm) before delivery. If increase paper thickness such as the paper of conventional development system is over 180 gsm, the color saturation will be reduced. How to increase both of paper thickness and color saturation at same time? Printing speed: Slow down printing speed can...

Alagus Print Admin 3.0 Pro

Alagus Print Admin 3.0 is a client-server program for monitoring and management of network printers and print jobs. The program offers you an opportunity to reduce your printer related expenses. It makes statistics, analysis and reports for the printed pages by every user and printer. Set limits for the page count and print priority for every user or group of users. Create Rules for every single printer concerning whom, what and where is trying to print. Use the Print Activity feature to monitor the daily, monthly or yearly number of the printed pages for a printer or a group of...