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Sports History of China

Some known ancient cultural relics have provided evidence that health-building activities appeared in China over 4,000 years ago. By the time of the Western Zhou Dynasty (1066-771 BC) archery and cauldron lifting had emerged as sports activities in their own right. To get a complete and vivid picture of the development of ancient China's sports, go to the China Sports Museum, which lies in the southeastern corner of the National Olympic Sports Center in the northern suburbs of Beijing. It is an octagonal spiral building flanked on one side by a huge sloping wall with its highest point protruding out...

History of Chogān (Polo)

Polo is arguably one of the most complex of games in the world. The precise origin of polo is obscure and undocumented and there is ample evidence of the game's regal place in the history of Asia. No one knows where or when stick first met ball after the horse was domesticated by the ancient Iranian (Aryan) tribes of Central Asia before their migration to Iranian plateau; but it seems likely that as the use of light cavalry spread throughout...

Sports, women and History

Around the time of Australia's Federation at start of the 20th century, sport became a means for an emerging nation to place itself on the world scene. This early desire for international success outweighed sexual prejudice and even today men - and women -who succeed on the international sports field, become national icons. Many of the early sports established in Australia were popular in England. Cricket, croquet, tennis and cycling were among them. According to the Australian Sports Commission the...

Intramural Sport History

The inception of the intramural activities at Wisconsin was noted as early as 1893 upon completion of the Armory Gymnasium on Langdon Street. Interclass and inter-college participation in baseball, contact football, gymnastics, and track and field existed in the early 1900's under the direction of various physical education department staff members. The period of 1910-1920 marked the first dramatic increase in intramural activities. Inter-fraternity swimming contests marked the beginning of competition between Greek organizations. All-university competition was to follow and in 1920, a staff of seventeen members, directed by the program's first intramural director, George Berg, conducted an expanding program...

Lithuania Sports

Of the three Baltic states, Lithuania is probably best known as a sports nation. This is primarily because of its national basketball teams, which are consistently among the top three or four in the world. Basketball: In domestic leagues, the perennial powerhouse is Zalgiris Kaunas, which has also brought in several ex-NBA players; they were European champions in 1999. Having won the prestigious European Cup over all other clubs in Europe in 1997, Zalgiris earned a place in the EuroLeague, the top echelon of basketball on the continent-and then won its championship in 1999. Lithuania has two players in the...

BC Zalgiris

In 1944 best basketball players from Kaunas united into one team which was named "Zalgiris" shortly after that. From the beginning "Zalgiris" starts fighting for the first places in the Soviet Union's championship. Just three years later "Zalgiris" climbs on top of all teams and wins the first championship in 1947. Till 1990 "Zalgiris" have won gold medals five times (1947, 1951, 1985-1987), silver medals - seven times (1949, 1952, 1980, 1983-1984, 1988-1989) and bronze medals - six times (1953-1956,...

Sabonis, an MVP and more to Kaunas

Some are called sporting legends for how they play, others for who they are. In the case of Arvydas Sabonis, the Euroleague regular season MVP, either reason is legitimate, and together they explain why he is adored throughout Lithuania. In a small, basketball-mad country with plenty of fine players, Sabonis is king not only because he can drop a hook shot. Few athletes impact their sport in their countries in as many ways as Sabonis does basketball in Lithuania. Besides rejecting millions to keep a promise to play for and direct his original club, Zalgiris Kaunas,...

A Lithuanian Basketball Star

The few Americans who have seen Sabonis play in recent years, mostly professional scouts and college coaches, recount feats of agility and marksmanship that sound all but superhuman. Pete Newell, the director of player personnel for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association, and a man widely respected for his acute evaluations of the skills at the center position, is lavish in his praise of Sabonis. "He could conceivably become the greatest player in the game,' Newell says. "At seven-three, he is as naturally gifted as any player I've ever seen, and he conducts himself...