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Travels in American Iraq

The striking paradox of contemporary journalism is that a proliferation of media sources and providers across a range of electronic platforms has not produced a greater diversity of perspectives. Despite claims to the contrary, even so-called alternative media such as cable news services and blogging have tended to adopt conventional ideological postures. The menu has grown but the food tastes much the same. The independent freelance journalist is more important than ever, especially with so many fast-moving and complex stories to...

The Bamboo Cage Bar in Malta

Seven O'clock in the evening is a good time to head off up the road and find a nice place to relax in with a beer to hand. Our ship had just arrived in Malta and we would have this one night to visit the town and to see what it was all about. Only two of us went ashore and we went with neither clue nor idea about where to go, what to see or even what the local...