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This year “AgroBalt” is not only production, but also fun

Marijampolė, May 04. 380 participants from 21 countries will introduce their expositions and stands in International Food and Agricultural Trade Exhibition “AgroBalt 2004” that begins on May 6. Total area of exhibition is about 10,500 sq. m. About a quarter of exhibition participants are foreign companies, which plan to make first contacts for their further activities in Lithuania.

A lot of famous and less known Lithuanian enterprises, associations and other organisations participate in the exhibition: “Achema”, “Arvi kalakutai”, “Čečetos prekyba”, “Danisco Sugar”, “Krekenavos agrofirma”, “Lietuviškas midus”, “Samsonas”, Lithuanian Agricultural and Food Produce Market Regulation Agency, associations of Lithuanian Food Industry, Packers, Agricultural Machinery and Animal Breeding.

The slogan for this year's exhibition is “Trade without Borders”. With open borders of the European Union Lithuanian enterprises face new challenges and possibilities, therefore “AgroBalt” geography has rather expanded. Producers from Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Thailand, Belarus and other countries will introduce their production. Participants from Japan, Italy, Austria and Hungary are preparing stands for specialists.

Separate countries will be introducing themselves on separate days – events named “Get to know Belarus”, „Get to know Estonia”, “Get to know Latvia”, “Get to know Hungary”.

Requirements for quality competition for "AgroBalt 2004" gold medal were changed this year because of enlarged number of exhibition participant countries. Earlier only representatives of the Baltic States could compete for the prize, yet his year this possibility will be provided for participants from all over the world.

This year “AgroBalt” is divided into two parts: for specialists and consumers. Specialists will have an opportunity to learn about the state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. Traditionally a comprehensive programme of seminars and conferences is awaiting them. This year it will question the promotion of trade and export, the talking points of food processing and consumer education.

From this year on “AgroBalt 2004” is planning to gain the name of international food event for the whole family. The decision was taken because after borders of trade became open and with the growth of competition exhibition participants seek to be favoured by consumers, find out their needs and in future take into account the requests of end users. All this is going to be carried out in a funny and playful way. For the first time the exhibition has prepared lots of amusement for visitors. “AgroBalt” organisers will offer a programme for people of different age, entertainment will be held both in pavilions and outdoors.

A special May Outing, concerts, tasting of different products, horse riding, exhibition of livestock and a competition of musclemen will be organised. Children Island will be prepared, where the little ones will have a chance to play. During the exhibition lotteries and competitions will be organised

For more information please contact:

Laura Gvozdaitė
UAB AgroBalt
Tel.: 370 5 2691039;
Fax: 370 5 2691038

Rasa Keliuotytė
Lithuanian Exhibition Centre Litexpo
Tel.: 370 5 2686821;
Fax: 370 5 2686822


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