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Famous Predictions - by E K Dhilip Kumar

Maharshi Parasara, and the Story of the Birth of SageVeda Vyasa. (approx. 3200 B.C.)

Maharshi Parasara was the father of Sage Vyasa ofMahabharata fame. Sage Veda Vyasa was the author of Bhagavad Gita and SrimadBhagavatam, two important books of ancient India. We are told that once whiletravelling in a boat on the river Jamuna, Maharshi Parasara while doing somecalculations in astrology, suddenly noted a favourable time for union. He foundout that if he united with any woman at a particular time on that day, a childof extra-ordinary brilliance would be born. Since he was not married and sincethe time was fast approaching, he had no other choice than to ask the boatmanto suggest him a lady with whom he may join in physical union. The boatmanoffered his own daughter to him. As predicted the illustrious Sage Vyasa wasborn to the couple later on.

Sage Vyasa has written 18 Puranas including theMahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, Brahma Sutras - the Uttara-Mimamsa. To MaharshiVashista was born Sakti, to Sakti was born Parasara and to Parasara was bornSage Vyasa and to him was born Maharshi Shuka.

A similar event took place when an Astrologer,finding the possibility for the birth of an extraordinary person predicted theevent to everyone and thereafter joined a potter's daughter, and the issue wasthe great Salivahana.

How VarahaMihira got his special title? (400-500 AD)

Another great mathematician, astronomer andastrologer of India, Shri Varahamihira, who lived around 5th century AD, isbelieved to have played a dominant role in the revival of ancient astrology.

Varaha Mihira was earlier referred to as only Mihira.When the astrologers in the palace of King Vikramaditya were asked to study thehoroscope of the Prince, all of them spoke about the possibility of a seriousdanger to the life of the Prince at the age of 18. Astrologer Mihira not onlyaccepted the possibility but also added that the Prince would surely die whenhe is 18 years old and that the death would be caused by a wild boar on aparticular date at a particular time. Knowing that Mihira was a step aboveother astrologers, the King got worried. To avert the grave possibility, theKing constructed a special multi-storied building into which the entry of anyanimal leave alone a wild boar was impossible.

On the predicted day, security arrangements wereextraordinary. The King told Mihira, "I will give you one last chance toreconsider your predictions". But Mihira did not budge such being hisfaith in the science of astrology. Mihira said that, "This is thepunishment as announced by the planets in the horoscope according to Karma oractions done by the Prince in his previous life (lives). The results of thepast life speak out through the planetary positions at the time of birth."

The King was very anxious and frightened and so every5 minutes, the king sent a servant to go up and check if the prince was safe.The servant would come down and tell the King that the prince was safe andplaying with his friends.

After the predicted time had passed by, the Kingasked Mihira to accompany him and see for himself the prince playing with hisfriends.

Mihira said, "I'm sorry, O King, but the Princehad died before five minutes." The King along with others reached the 7thfloor. To his utter dismay he found on the open terrace adjacent to the roomwhere the games were being played, the prince lying in a pool of blood. Next tohim was found a wooden pole. On the end of the pole was a carved wooden boar.The national emblem of the kingdom happened to be the wild boar. It was thehabit of the engineers to put up this symbol on all the tall buildings of theKing.

The Prince had been playing with his friends. So whenthe king asked his security guards to check the condition of the prince, theyreported what they had seen. Around the predicted time, the prince suddenlyfelt an urge to go out into the terrace as he felt the room was a littlesuffocating. At the same time, a strong wind broke the pole and heavy woodenboar fell on the prince.

Varaha means wild boar. From that day onwards Mihiracame to be known as Shri Varaha Mihira.

The Story of Lord Buddha

Gautama Buddha was earlier referred to as PrinceSiddharta. Soon after his birth, as was the custom in the royal family then,the astrologers were invited to study the horoscope of the newborn prince. Inthe end, they all said that Siddharta would become a world famous emperorhaving great command over people and that his name would last until the end ofthe world. The King was very happy to hear this. However, one astrologer alonesaid that there is also a possibility that he may renounce the world and becomefamous as a religious leader. When the King asked the astrologer, "Is thisdestined to happen?" the answer was, "No, Sir, this is apossibility!" (This clearly shows that astrology is an indicative sciencemore than being predictive, and that astrology has its own limitations when itcomes to exact answers.)

So the King did not allow Siddharta to go outside thepalace, where he might see certain things that might prompt the prince toponder on matters concerning suffering and salvation. So in the court ifsomeone fell sick, they were asked to leave the palace. Nobody was allowed tobe unhappy within the palace. Siddharta grew up in such a peaceful environment,not knowing anything about suffering in life, until one day when he forced hischarioteer to take him outside the palace without the permission of the King.On the way, Siddharta saw a sick man, a weak and old man, a dead man, and a manmeditating. Numerous questions formed in his mind. The charioteer gave thecorrect answers whenever Siddharta asked him. Siddharta was shocked with thepossibility of suffering in life, and was determined to find the real meaningof life and suffering. So he went back to the palace, and on the 7th day afterhis son Rahul was born he left the palace for good and went on to become thegreat Buddha.

Julius Caesar and the astrologer

An astrologer predicted to Julius Caesar that on the15th March there was a great danger to his life. On the fateful day, as JuliusCaesar starts going to the senate, he meets the astrologer and smilingly says,"The Ides of March are come" to which the astrologer calmly said"Yes, it has begun but not yet over". Actually in a few hours fromthen, Caesar was brutally murdered by Brutus and others.

Alexander, The Great

Alexander, the great - depended heavily on astronomerand astrologer, Calisthenis whenever he waged war on any nation. When theyreached India, together they learnt a lot more from the astrologers in thecourt of King Porus. It looks like every nation had contributed in some way tothe development of astrology.

The maximumlife span of man is 120 years. (A coincidence in Dasa System and The Bible)

According to Vedic Astrology, the maximum life spanof Man in Kaliyuga (the present Yuga or age) is 120 years. So the Dasa (ruling)periods for Sun is 6 years, 10 years for Chandra, 7 for Kuja, 18 for Rahu, 16for Jupiter, 19 for Saturn, 17 for Mercury, 7 for Ketu and 20 for Sukra alladds up to 120 years.

In Genesis 6:3 of the Bible, we find the followingstatement: Then the Lord said, "My Spirit will not contend with manforever, for he is mortal, his days will be a hundred and twenty years."

(120 years)

Interestingly, Deepak Chopra is in his best seller -"Ageless Body, Timeless Mind" is of the opinion that Man cannot livefor more than 120 years. He says that there were incidents where a few didclaim that they were older than 120 years, but on further investigations hefound the records to be false.

Referenceto other intelligent personalities in the world and their connections withastrology.

Famous men like Dante, Shakespeare,Longfellow, Goethe, Tennyson, Milton, Keats, Dryden and Chaucher liberally usedastrology in their works.

Shakespeare - King Lear - "It is the stars, thestars above us govern our condition".

In "As you like it" Shakespeare says:

All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women nearly players,

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts,

His acts being seven ages.

Ralph Waldo Emerson - Astrology is astronomy broughtto earth, and applied to the affairs of men. Of what use is Astronomy tomankind unless it is interpreted in terms of our daily life and thought?

Johannes Kepler - Man is made from the elements andabsorbs them as much as food and drink, from which it follows that man must,also like the elements, be subject to the influence of planets.

Dr.Carl G Jung, the great Swiss psychologist,Nicholas Culpeper, Michael Nostrodamus and Paracelsus have also advocatedadequate astrological knowledge for accurate diagnosis of diseases.

A list of other famous personalities who studiedastrology is:

Ptolemy (67 AD), Pythagoras, Galileo, Copernicus, SirIsaac Newton (spent his last decade studying Astrology), Johannes Kepler(1571), Diodorus, Herodotus, Aristotle, Bacon, Ptolemy, Hypocrates, Foster,John Dee Gilbert etc.

Another surprising fact is that fixing the positionsof the planets in the sky was very easy for ancient astronomers and astrologersof India. The western world had to wait for the German scientist JohannesKepler to give them the formula for planetary motions. The Vedic scholars usedto exactly pin point eclipses and the positions of planets for any day inadvance, without the use of telescopes.


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